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  • Kaericsson@cs.com
    Sep 21 11:18 AM
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      In Minnesota, the only insurance that someone who has developed a mental disorder(such as I have) can get is through the MN Comprehensive Health Program, which is now administered through Medica. It is the most pricey insurance in Minnesota, though a little less so if you don't inhale tobacco.

      In my case OWCP covers all my psychiatric services (office visits, hospitalization, meds and lab work) and Medica does co-pay on the rest (annual physicals, etc -- anything not directly related to my Peace Corps disability.) Medica might also do co-pay on the Peace Corps disability, but OWCP is comprehensive there, it just is cumbersome and works like a bear.

      Anyway, in the end OWCP has always come through. I have been in the OWCP system for 18 years -- you just have to hang in there and "don't panic."
      What can you do, all health insurance agencies often goof up.

      I know that not everyone "has it so good." Other states have different insurance systems.

      Good luck.


      Heidi Fassnacht <riverock5@...> wrote:

      >when i've been between things, i've applied for short
      >term major medical. i was told if i applied for any
      >kind of regular insurance, i would only be accepted
      >with riders, which would basically black list me for
      >the future. usually you can get short term stuff that
      >can be renewed a couple times. i doesn't covered
      >regular stuff (probably whatever expenses you have
      >assoc with your PC injury/illness) but would cover you
      >in the event of a big accident.
      >i tried applying for SSD not too long after i returned
      >home. the process is long and i was told that pretty
      >much everyone is denied first time round. so it
      >likely depends on how much time you have to deal with
      >> Speaking of insurance, what do people on this list
      >> do for
      >> insurance? My husband is going to be changing jobs
      >> and
      >> will be losing his benefits. Should I apply for SSD
      >> or
      >> something? -- Felicia
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