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  • Felicia
    Sep 20, 2006
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      I've had two re-evaluations so far, and with your case as
      bad as it is, perhaps it could help. The same with the
      compensation form. If you aren't making any money, then
      the DoL owes you more. I take it that you've already
      called your caseworker, right? You might have to contact
      the case worker and the job counselor and make it clear
      that the current situation isn't working. Perhaps if you
      make yourself a real pain in the ass, you can get this
      resolved. I was told that they would train me if I
      couldn't find jobs in my area. You should ask about this.

      Speaking of insurance, what do people on this list do for
      insurance? My husband is going to be changing jobs and
      will be losing his benefits. Should I apply for SSD or
      something? -- Felicia

      > I got one of these lovely letters as well; figured it was
      > pro forma red tape
      > and rat race.
      > Then, yesterday, a large confusing packet arrived
      > including medical
      > re-evaluation forms and reporting of all income over the
      > past 15 months. As
      > I am considered to be at 'medical end point' (a lovely
      > phrase in itself), I
      > have no doctors following my case.
      > This past spring, my compensation was cut by a third,
      > because I am released
      > for part time work (with fairly limiting restrictions,
      > including 15 minute
      > breaks for every hour worked). That there are no jobs in
      > my area that fit
      > both my restrictions and my qualifications, that I have
      > applied for a number
      > of jobs without success, that the pay rate that they are
      > calculating the
      > reduction on is not the compensation offered in this area
      > - none of that
      > seems to matter. The "job counselor" provided by the OWCP
      > was from another
      > state, met with me a total of five times, never offered
      > any sort of job
      > training or performed even basic skills assessments.
      > The whole is immensely disheartening and depressing. As I
      > pointed out in a
      > letter to the OWCP, when I left my job for Peace Corps
      > service six years ago
      > (I served three years in Armenia) I had medical insurance,
      > a pension plan,
      > and a higher rate of take home pay than my current
      > compensation. Now I have
      > no insurance, no pension plan, and I miss the Federal
      > Poverty Standard by
      > $3,016.
      > Disability is not my career choice; this is not the life I
      > wanted nor the
      > one I would choose.
      > Meg Wallace, RPCV (Armenia, 2000- 2003)
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