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256Re: [owcp] health insurance

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  • Felicia
    Oct 8, 2005
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      > The Congressman asked my to draft a letter outling the
      > concerns of former
      > Peace Corp volunteers to OWCP. My understanding is that
      > the issues would
      > include:
      > Slow turnaround
      > Unclear communications
      > Inconsistent treatment of peace corp volunteers
      > Customer Service is poor - i.e. the claims examiner is
      > not able to answer a
      > wide variety of questions.
      > Are there other general issues you would suggest
      > addressing?

      Not only is the claims examiner not able to answers
      questions, but often times they change your claims
      examiner without telling you. Mine has been changed three
      times in the last six months. -- Felicia
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