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255Re: [owcp] health insurance

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  • Kaericsson@cs.com
    Oct 7, 2005
      In a message dated 10/6/05 10:31:05 AM Central Daylight Time,
      Alana.Petersen@... writes:

      << Subj: RE: [owcp] health insurance
      Date: 10/6/05 10:31:05 AM Central Daylight Time
      From: Alana.Petersen@... (Petersen, Alana)
      To: Kaericsson@... ('Kaericsson@...')

      The Congressman asked my to draft a letter outling the concerns of former
      Peace Corp volunteers to OWCP. My understanding is that the issues would
      Slow turnaround
      Unclear communications
      Inconsistent treatment of peace corp volunteers
      Customer Service is poor - i.e. the claims examiner is not able to answer a
      wide variety of questions.

      Are there other general issues you would suggest addressing?

      Alana Petersen
      Congressman James L. Oberstar
      38625 14th Avenue
      Suite 300B
      North Branch, MN 55056
      (651) 277-1234 office
      (651) 308-0346 cell
      (651)277-1235 fax

      7 October 2005

      Hi Alana: This looks good for starters. Perhaps you could include "Unable to
      contact the correct informational resources at OWCP as/when needed." I am
      putting your message out on our listserve for other suggestions. Thanks! Kriste

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