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253Re: [owcp] health insurance

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  • Felicia
    Oct 4, 2005
      I think this is mainly related to OWCP compensation (like
      if they are sending you a check each month). However, it
      is probably good to let them know about your income. I
      think you have to keep calling the claims examiner.
      Unfortunately, they have changed my claims examiner
      several times in the last few weeks, so it has been
      difficult to get things done. -- Felicia

      > 29 Sept. 2005
      > You know, I do have another question -- this spring
      > Corps sent me a
      > note stating that I am supposed to be reporting to US
      > of Labor OWCP every
      > time I have a change in income. Since I free-lance and
      > paid on contract, that
      > is numerous times per year. Also, why do they only let
      > know now, 17 years
      > after being medivaced and going onto OWCP?
      > It kind of worries me that OWCP may have been assuming
      > that I've been
      > unemployed all this time, and that that is the only
      > they have been paying my
      > medical expenses. I decided to leave this snaffu until I
      > had worked out how to
      > get my current doctor on their payroll. Now that he is
      > considered an OWCP
      > provider, I left a message for my claims examiner at
      > to discuss this issue,
      > and as the phone message says, she will get back to me
      > within "three
      > business days", which, of course is already passed... My
      > guess is my claims examiner
      > is not the person to talk to, and maybe it would be best
      > to just let it slide,
      > but who knows, then maybe this will all dump on me at
      > time when I can't
      > take care of it.
      > Any good suggestions? Can one just report their yearly
      > income at the end of
      > the fiscal year? Kriste
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