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109OWCP Plays Politics

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  • Kevin
    Nov 3, 2004
      I just had another one of those enlightening phone conversations with
      one of the caseworkers in my Congressman's office. About a month
      ago, she sent some written materials about my case to a liaison in
      OWCP's Washington, DC office. The liaison acknowledged receipt of
      the materials and asked my Congressional office not to follow up
      until the week of November 8. My caseworker implied that OWCP was
      waiting to see if my Congressman would be re-elected. Had my
      Congressman failed to secure another term, she suggested that OWCP
      would not deal with a "lame duck" and would (continue) ignore
      Congressional inquiries.

      It appears that OWCP will try anything to avoid contact with
      claimants and their Congressional Representatives. Playing politics
      is yet another approach the agency will use to remain

      The Bush Administration, shame of you!