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593Re: [overthockey] Play this Saturday?

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  • Sam Bernstein
    Jun 4 10:09 AM
      Thanks for having me out for my first time! I had a blast. Reminded me of playing in the street growing up. Let's do it again soon!


      On Sat, Jun 2, 2012 at 10:32 AM, David Perlin <davepi@...> wrote:

      It did drizzle at my house in Wallingford, but the ground has now dried.  It looks dry on traffic cams a few blocks from the school yard so I’m heading up to Olympic View now.
      Sent: Saturday, June 02, 2012 9:13 AM
      Subject: Re: [overthockey] Play this Saturday?
      Ground is a little wet in north Seattle right now...it is drying.  Might be better round 11.  I'll head up there early and let you guys know surface conditions.

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      From: "David Perlin" <davepi@...>
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      Subject: [overthockey] Play this Saturday?
      Date: Fri, Jun 1, 2012 4:40 pm

      I will be there as well.

      From: Timothy Knowles
      Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2012 6:11 PM
      To: mannyman_9@... ; lewis johnson ; hockeyman_102@... ; hockey group
      Subject: RE: [overthockey] Play this Saturday?

      Tim's in !!!

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      From: mannyman_9@...
      Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 05:13:51 +0000
      Subject: RE: [overthockey] Play this Saturday?


      I'm in, weather permitting

      To: hockeyman_102@...; overthockey@yahoogroups.com
      From: lewis@...
      Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 17:47:16 -0700
      Subject: re: [overthockey] Play this Saturday?

      I might be down to put on the asphalt wheels.  I will try to rally some troops.  Who else is in? 

      From: "hockeyman_102" <hockeyman_102@...>
      Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 1:41 PM
      To: overthockey@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [overthockey] Play this Saturday?

      Anyone around, and want to play this Saturday. I have another friend that wants to play also.


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