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Re: [OLmws] JS errorwitho.filters.alpha.enabled=trueinoverlibmws_iframe.OLset

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  • Foteos Macrides
    Xavier, Note that the link is to a version of the script debugger which Microsoft describes as deprecated technology and no longer supported . I did nothing
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 7, 2006
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      Note that the link is to a version of the script debugger which Microsoft describes as "deprecated technology" and "no longer supported".
      I did nothing overt to get it, but on my XP I have what I presume is a more current version of the script debugger which I had (and still have) enabled for IE via Tools->Internet OptionsÂ…->Advanced as described in:
      None of the popups with iframe shims (which are made fully transparent via IE's alpha filter) and/or shadows (which are made semi-transparent for IE via its alpha filter) trigger the debugger in IE on my PCs, even though it is often triggered at other web sites, particularly the Washington Post (virtually every one of its documents has been triggering the debugger lately, ugh!  :<).
      Note that IE7 did not add CSS support for the W3C standards-based opacity rule, so one still has to use IE's proprietary alpha filter, as for IE6 and yet earlier versions of IE.
      In any case, if invoking that filter for iframe shims and/or shadows where actually generating a "permission denied" error, those who are using IE's default setting, which does not trigger the debugger, should instead get a javascript error icon at lower left in IE.  Is that happening for others (i.e., besides Xavier) with such popups at the:
      download and support web site?
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      Yes, I cleared the cache and even did an shift+refresh icon.
      The only thing I see is the installation of the script debugger found at
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