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Re: [OLmws] Overlib Confirm dialog

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  • Foteos Macrides
    Walter, Creating an overlib widget to substitute for the windows Yes/No confirm dialog is not difficult (IMHO :
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2006
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      Creating an "overlib widget" to substitute for the windows Yes/No confirm dialog is not difficult (IMHO :<) if you do not require that it be modal, i.e., that access to the document in that window be blocked until the user answers Yes or No in the DHTML popup.  I put out a very preliminary version of a support document:
      which you can use as a model for such a widget.  It also has an option to make the DHTML popup modal, but that objective has proven more difficult, and the modal feature still needs work before it could be used flawlessly with any document and any of the browsers supported by overlibmws.
      For the modal feature, I'm trying to use the trick of Seth Banks in his subModal freeware:
      which is to interpose a semi-transparent positioned div (layer) with a z-index higher than the document's but lower than the dialog pop-up's.  He's using a DHTML popup with iframe content, which causes needless headaches and history (Back and Forward button) handling problems, that I've avoided by instead using an overlib popup.  But the reflows associated with setting the document's overflow value to 'hidden' when interposing the semi-transparent layer, and then removing it when the user has answered Yes or No, cause the document to jump in browser-idiosyncratic ways when the document is large enough to have horizontal and/or vertical scrollbars.  I've improved on that in my version for overlibmws, but not yet fully nailed it.
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      Did somebody make an Overlib widget to substitute windows Yes/No confirm dialog?
      Thanks for sharing.
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