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Re: [OLmws] Enclosing a photo in the popup

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  • Foteos Macrides
    Terry, To include an image in a popup you simply use an img tag for the image in the popup content. If your database contains the image dimensions, it is
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      To include an image in a popup you simply use an img tag for the image in the popup content.  If your database contains the image dimensions, it is desirable to include height and width attributes for the image in the img tag so that the popup is sized with maximum efficiency.  If the image is the sole content and you have indicated the height and width in the img tag, correspondingly use the WRAP command in the overlib call, as well as TEXTPADDING,0, so that only the BORDER and any CAPTION will encompass the image.  Although it may not be possible when the img tag is being generated via a database, it is desirable to include javascript for preloading the larger images, so that any users not on broadband need not have long waits for the larger images to be loaded into the popups.  See the:
      support document for examples of "blow-up" popups invoked via thumbnails.
      If, as you presently intend, you do use onmouseover for invoking the "blow-up" popup as non-STICKY, and correspondingly need to use nd() with onmouseout to close the popup, beware that you will need to be very careful about the placements of the thumbnails in the displayed document so that the "blow-up" popup does not end up overlapping with its thumbnail.  Otherwise, you will get annoying "chatter" of the popup as it creates the equivalent of an onmouseout, causing the popup to close prematurely, then be re-invoked as the thumbnail is re-exposed, then again close, etc., in rapid succession.  This problem is completely avoided when the "blow-up" popups are STICKY.
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      From: tpmacdad
      Sent: Wednesday, September 06, 2006 1:13 AM
      Subject: [OLmws] Enclosing a photo in the popup

      I've written a batch of code that dynamically extracts some graphics files from a database and puts them on the page so that the user can pick which photos to use for the listing.  To make a long story short, these are thumbnails and what I am looking to do is to generate a non-sticky popup that will show the user the larger picture when he or she mouses over the thumbnail (I want it to close when the user moves the mouse away from the popup).  There's all sorts of alternate things that I could do, but it seems like overlib would be the most intuitive interface in this case.  I've been able to create some fantastic text popups with overlib, but I'm having some trouble with graphics.  Any help would be appreciated!!

      Terry McNeese
      New Paradigm Associates
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