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Re: [OLmws] Sticky bubble?

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  • Foteos Macrides
    Ramesh, Any of the four basic positioning methods can be used with STICKY popups: 1) cursor-based (which appears to be what you are seeking, and is the
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      Any of the four basic positioning methods can be used with STICKY popups:  1) cursor-based (which appears to be what you are seeking, and is the default);  2) window-based (RELX, RELY, MIDX, MIDY);  3)element-based (REF); and document-based (FIXX, FIXY).  As someone new to overlibmws, you should study the positioning commands in Section 3 of the Command Reference:
      There are lots of them, and so it can take a while to grasp them all.  Perhaps you simply followed an example that included positioning commands which are not cursor-based, and that is why your STICKY popups are not being positioned relative to the location of cursor when the popup was invoked.
      A "Close" link for closing STICKY popups is inserted automatically only if the popup has a CAPTION, and the bubble popups evoked via the overlibmws_bubble.js plugin do not support the CAPTION command.  They therefore behave as if the NOCLOSE command (read about it in the Command Reference) was included, whether or not it actually was included in the overlib call, so that such popups can be closed if the user mouses over and then off of the popup.  You can undo that by making the overlib call as follows:
      onclick="overlib(. . .); OLhover=0; over.onmouseover=null; return false;"
      In that case, the content for your BUBBLE popup should include it's own "Close" link, e.g.:
       href="javascript:return cClick();"
       title="Click to Close"
       onclick="return cClick();">Close</a>
      Feel free to post here again if you have any more problems positioning the popups as you intend, and dealing with STICKY, BUBBLE popups.
      I also would appreciate your posting a URL for your mimicking of Google calendar features.  The support document for STICKY popups:
      has an example with Goggle searches as its content.  It uses MIDX,0, RELY,20 so that the popup is centered horizontally and positioned 20 pixels from the top of the window (perhaps that's the example you emulated, in which case don't use those window-based positioning commands).  We've also had discussions recently here on how to include Google maps in the popups, but I haven't yet generated a support document on that topic.  It's not obvious to me, though, how you might be incorporating Google calendar features into popups, so my curiosity is piqued.
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      Sent: Monday, May 01, 2006 3:20 PM
      Subject: [OLmws] Sticky bubble?


      I'm a newbie to overlib and find this very interesting.

      What I'm trying mimic google calendar, a hybrid of both bubble and sticky. But, I'm facing some troubles.

      * I tried using the bubble - but the bubble disappears once is mouse is moved out of it
      * I tried sticky, but in this case window shows up somewhere, I want the window to popup at the same location where user clicked the mouse.

      How do I do that?

      Any ideas.

      Thanks in advance
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