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Re: Onload event call to overlib (was: Problem with flash ...)

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  • docdudeus
    Fote, Makes sense now. Thanks, John [:D] ... [token] and now both functions are fired off. For my own education why is the return not necessary for an onload
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      Makes sense now.

      John :D

      --- In overlibmws@yahoogroups.com, "Foteos Macrides" <fote@...> wrote:
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      > From: docdudeus
      > . . . As for the other issue with the conflict, I removed the return [token] and now both functions are fired off. For my own education why is the return not necessary for an onload event but is for onmouseover or onclick? I'm not sure I understand. Is it the internal code that requires returning a function state for the latter events which is not required for the onload event?
      > John,
      > The overlib function uses self.status (equivalent to window.status) to set the statusline when the STATUS, AUTOSTATUS or AUTOSTATUSCAP command is included in the overlib call. The IE browser was originally developed with a quirk that persists through its version 6 (don't know about IE v7 which is currently in field testing) such that if self.status (or window.status) is invoked via onmouseover, then the overall javascript must return true for the statusline to be changed as instructed. The geckos and most other browsers emulate that quirk / requirement, but it does not apply in any browser to onload, onclick or other events via which the overlib function might be called. The overlib function therefore returns true for IE and most other browsers when STATUS, AUTOSTATUS or AUTOSTATUSCAP was included, and otherwise returns false. It returns false in the latter case (i.e., when it does not use self.status) because when overlib is called via onclick you most commonly require that return value for reasons discussed recently in the thread which ends with:
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/overlibmws/message/593
      > One does not normally include STATUS, AUTOSTATUS or AUTOSTATUSCAP in overlib calls via onclick, so that usually works out for those "general" users who always precede the overlib call with a return token. But sometimes a user does include one of those commands in an overlib call via onclick, yielding a return value of true and causing problems.
      > Therefore, the current "best use" instructions are to use the return token for overlib calls only when the call is via onmouseover, and otherwise omit it, but usually force a return value of false for calls via onclick as explained in the:
      > http://www.macridesweb.com/oltest/ONCLICK.html
      > support document.
      > Fote
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