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    OV-10 in the news...FYI IGOR ... From: Darnell, Bryan J. To:
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      OV-10 in the news...
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      Suit Filed Against Philippine Air Force After OV-10 Accident Environmental Damage To Fishery Cited

      The municipal
      government of Paombong, Bulacan in the Philippines is suing the
      country's air force for damages incurred to a resident's fishpond
      by the wreckage of a PAF OV-10 Bronco aircraft last month.

      The accident -- which claimed the life of the plane's pilot,
      Captain Aniano Amatong -- also caused more than $10 million
      Philippine in damages to a pond used by local fishermen.

      "The fishpond of Mrs. [Luzviminda] Isidro is severely damaged...
      we must also consider the fact that the fisher folk's
      livelihood has been affected due to the jet fuel oil spill,"
      Paombong Mayor Donato Marcos told The Manila Times.

      Marcos asserted the oil damaged the ecology of the area, and the
      money will be needed to restore it -- including rivers that
      were also polluted by the spill.

      Mrs. Isidro is also suing the PAF separately, for $3.5 million
      Philippine, for damages to her fishpond. She maintains she needed
      to drain the pond completely so rescue crews could reach the
      wreckage of the Bronco (file photo of type, below).

      "We already lost at least P2.5 million because our operations
      stopped, and we need to spend at least P1 million for the cleaning
      and detoxification of the ponds," she said, displaying an itemized
      list of the damages she submitted to the PAF.

      The PAF is reportedly offering only P150,000 for the
      FMI: www.paf.mil.ph

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