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NASA Broncos to OBA... Important Update!

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  • Mike Whaley
    OK, guess we better come clean... that bit about NASA giving all their OV-10s was just our yearly April Fool s joke. A lot of folks caught on, but a few didn t
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2004
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      OK, guess we better come clean... that bit about NASA giving all their
      OV-10s was just our yearly April Fool's joke. A lot of folks caught on, but
      a few didn't (apparently April Fool's Day isn't a big thing in several other
      countries... if this includes you, then basically it amounts to the fact
      that each April 1st, it's a tradition here in the US that we play little
      jokes on each other, just for fun.) We're in touch with the fine folks who
      operate the Broncos at NASA, but they weren't in on the joke beforehand.

      It's all in good fun, folks. The thing Grump sent about the pallets full of
      CDF OV-10 parts WAS in fact real, and something we've been working on for
      quite a while. I do hope you'll read that and consider helping out soon.

      As webmaster of OV-10Bronco.net and several other websites, I never cease to
      be amazed by the power that the Internet can have over people. It bodes well
      for our (YOUR) association that we are taken seriously enough that many
      people trust us when we say things - several folks who really "should" have
      known better got caught by this. Of course, it's also good that we have the
      kind of organziation where we can all have fun with this kind of stuff too.
      I think I speak for the entire OBA crew that when it's no longer fun to do
      this, it's time to stop... and we're not worried that it'll stop being fun
      anytime soon!

      We recieved some VERY amusing responses to the NASA prank. Names have been
      removed to protect the innocent (so long as they send the appropriate amount
      to my Swiss bank account within 24 hours, I won't have to reveal who said
      what...) Some of the more choice ones are as follows. It's almost like a
      giant, worldwide psychology experiment!

      ** The "Hook, Line & Sinker" Department:

      "This is exciting news. Congratulations!"

      "holy s**t! Good news Batman!"

      "Dear Jim, Mike and the OBA team, I dips my lid in salute; both re the
      spare parts and, miracle of miracles, real live aeroplanes! Hey, good stuff
      so praise the Lord and press on. Hope to see you at the FAC reunion! By the
      way, what numbers are the NASA aircraft? congratulations to the nth

      "Great news, I'll be out there one of these days to see them."


      "I can imagine that there are a few memebers who won't be able to stand
      otherwise they would embarrass themselves. Well I guess this is every dream
      come true. I'd like to send a contribution. What is the treasurers address."

      "Dear Jim, I know its been a while but i have been monitoring the events
      from my remote assignment down south of (a foreign country). Glad to hear
      about the NASA Aircraft. Can we get to fly them also? (just kidding)... I
      might also be able to go back sometime this year or early next year. Till
      then, hope to get to fly the NASA aircraft!! Happy Flying!"

      "I know where you live , Mike. And I have access to operable bombbays.
      You got me good !! I read this and almost had a heart attack. I forwarded it
      to **** over at Langley, he'll get a kick out of it."

      [I don't think Roy will mind if I keep his name in this one, as I'm all
      for his suggestion. When we're not pulling his leg, Roy does an incredible
      amount of hard work to keep the Ready Room facility growing! - ed]
      "Ron ol'e buddy ol'e pal of mine, I feel like the biggest fish in the
      pond, at 145 not a wall hanger like Gordy but a keeper just the same.
      You'all say it, I believe it, what really sold me is it will happen just
      like this. We have made ourselves credible with all the hard work we have
      done, people will take us seriously in the future. Why is it I forgot what
      today it is? This can't possibily ever happen to you. I wish to propose that
      Apr. 1 at OBA be proclamed as Arm Pitt day. You should have known that
      anyone that likes being an SLJO would make a grand Fool. -Roy"

      "The best one was ***** ******** calling me and asking when the OV's
      were coming in. He had his wife in her wheel chair and was ready to fly.
      He took it OK."

      ** Lots of folks got a big kick out of it:

      "It's not fair to screw with my heart rate like that.... You die at

      "You raw jackass. Thanks for the laugh, preceded of course by a mild
      heart attack."

      "I have already had to explain the joke to four people this morning,
      mostly from out of the country. I'm not sure who the joke is on now. Some
      of them should know better too. Good one."

      "Very funny, Merlin, you dirty SOB. You almost gave old Hostage **** a
      cardiac arrest. Best Regards!"

      "I second that! It's come close to causing an international incident!
      Thou shalt speak der truth. cheers"

      "You nasty guy!"

      "You know of course some people will think this is real and will be
      asking us about it for months. Way to go!"

      "Okay, Mike, you got me again. I fell hard for this one. Got real
      excited and almost wanted to send my resume. It was fun !!! :) Thanks."

      ** Some folks got the joke, and were actually spurred to positive action by

      "OK....you got me!!!! Good one. However, it does reignite my passion to
      see something like this actually become a reality. I was more heart-broken
      that realize that had this really happened, I was not an active part of it.
      I need to get off my duff. Expect a flight down to Dallas soon. Thanks for
      all the hard work!!!"

      ** Then there were the folks who wrote, and we weren't quite sure which side
      of the fence they fell off on:

      "OUT F****** STANDING!"

      "Not a very funny April fools day prank. Langley spokesman Garrett
      Ahresirch really."

      ** And my personal favorite... the "Let's try to beat 'em at their own game"

      "Merlin - I really don't think your April Fool's prank was very funny...
      We here in FTW are busting our rear ends on a daily basis promoting OBA and
      FACM. [very true - ed.] We market the website as a means for FAC Community
      Folks and interested parties to stay in the loop about OBA and FACM.... In
      the future, if you are thinking about placing something humorus on the
      website. I would suggest you consider a Humorous Section Icon. That way
      the rest of us that are promoting and busting our buns here at OBA will not
      have to explain things like this." [Awwww... but what fun would THAT be, if
      we didn't "get" a few of our hapless friends each April? hehehe]


      As Grump said: "You have no idea how many letters I have had to write
      explaining this today. Maybe the joke was on me." Probably so!

      Happy April, everyone! Get ya next year!


      Mike Whaley merlin@...
      Webmaster, OV-10 Bronco Association
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