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Fw: Quiet Aircraft/Flying BlackPonies Presentation

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  • Mike Whaley
    This oughta be interesting! Mike Whaley merlin@ov-10bronco.net Webmaster, OV-10 Bronco Association http://www.ov-10bronco.net/
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      This oughta be interesting!
      Mike Whaley    merlin@...
      Webmaster, OV-10 Bronco Association
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      From: Dale
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      Subject: [in] News/Event Suggestion for OV-10 Website: Quiet Aircraft/Flying BlackPonies Presentation



      FROM: Dale Ross Stith

      I will give a presentation to the Lone Star Aero Club on Nov. 6, 2003 in Arlington, TX: A story that was not told for many years (DOD classification restrictions) and is, yet, not well known for various reasons.


      I'll describe the event of the OV-10 "Flying Black Ponies" (USN VAL-14) and the YO--3As combining to sink the largest ship of the Viet Nam War (see Lit Lavells book) a well as I know of it. Perhaps one of you could help me get it right!


      Our team and aircraft earned a place in history as “the first … to survive in a hostile environment … by means of low observables (stealth). They have been described as the “worlds quietest aircraft”.

      We’re documenting our ‘60’s and ‘70’s efforts with photographs, documents, publications and 1st person accounts.

      Caution: We might even release some uncorroborated, unsubstantiated, and over-exaggerated stories and claims.


      You are welcome to join us at Bodacious Bar-B-Que at 1206 E. Division in Arlington at 7PM

      (You might want to come early for dinner).


      See lonestaraeroclub.org for updates, details, a map, and follow up.

      Also see the Feb ’04 Smithsonian Air  & Space Magazine for a story about our projects by Roger Warner.

      There is also considerable information about our aircraft: search for QT-2 QT-2PC, Quiet One, Quiet Star, X-26 (/B version), and similar names.


       I woulb be proud to tell your group about our aircraft too!


      Dale Ross Stith
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