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Blue Jet for VMAP

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  • Jim Hodgson
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2013
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      Hi folks,

      As some of you know, Jim Bloomberg and Chuck Burin visited Pensacola today to inspect an airplane we had been offered after an unfortunate turn of events trying to bring an F-100F here.  I was told by Boomer that the airplane is in very good condition but will need painting before it goes on display, (he said it has a case of hangar rash).  The Navy requires a very high standard for display of their Blue Jets and there are very few Blue Angel airplanes displayed off military bases so we feel very fortunate to have this offered to us.

      You will remember that our collection policy require an aircraft to meet at least one of the following criteria:
      1. Used as a Forward Air Control aircraft.
      2. Be controlled by a FAC while performing Close Air Support.
      3. Have some significance to the history of aviation in Fort Worth.

      This airplanes meets all three of those criteria.  F/A-18 have been used as Fast FAC's, are regularly used for Close Air Support and have been used by both the US Navy and USMC a JRB NAS Fort Worth.  In fact, members of VMFA-112 have agreed to assist us with reassembling the aircraft after it arrives here in a C-17 sometime next month.  As an added bonus for us, and to further our connection with the JRB, the last person to fly this aircraft was Marine Major Chris Collins as #3.  Previous to being a Blue, our Hornet served with Navy squadrons, VX-4, VX-5,VX-9 and VF-195 on the Midway (CV-41).  It was built in 1988 and last flew with the Blues in 2009.

      We need to raise funds to have the airplane disassembled in Florida and for repainting here.  But for now, here is the next member of our Petting Zoo.  McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18A Hornet - Blue Angel #3.




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