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RASH FAC Question - Need some help

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    All, Please read below and send along any info you might have. Thanks, Jim
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2012
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      Please read below and send along any info you might have.



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      From: Richard Hudson <hudson1962@...>
      Subject: OBA Inquiry
      Date: July 6, 2012 7:37:34 PM CDT
      Cc: ArmedSavageSix <armedsavagesix@...>

      Hello OBA,

      My name is Richard Hudson. Several months ago my Dad, Lt Col Andy Hudson,
      contacted your association trying to find information about a specific FAC
      pilot, call-sign RASH Two One, who participated in a battle involving D
      Troop, 1/9 Cav, on 14 September 1969 on a piece of Hwy 311 in the RVN.

      As I understand it, there where many pilots who used that call-sign which
      leads me to believe that special, possibly unauthorized, insignia was used
      for the uniform, or hanging over the O-club bar may have existed.

      I am the web designer for armedsavage.com. I have a page which identifies
      the participants in the battle heard on a recording made during the battle
      which is one the web site. Each person is identified and grouped by the
      appropriate insignia. The insignia graphic I have for the unidentified RASH
      Two One pilot is what I want to ask about.

      I found a picture of a patch on the web of which my dad and I are dubious
      about, and think there's is probably a better insignia used by the RASH
      teams that would be more appropriate. Attached is an example of the graphic
      currently on the page for RASH 21 on armedsavage.com.

      Can you, or the OV-10 Association, give me a more appropriate unit insignia
      to use if the example attached is way off?

      Thank you.

      Richard D. Hudson
      1717 E. Belt Line, Apt 1028
      Coppell, Texas 75019
      Mobile: 940. 391. 4440
      Home: 469. 549. 4066

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