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Veterans Memorial Air Park Newsletter and Situation Update

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    Hi folks, Attached is the February newsletter. Thanks to many of you we have begun a process that will result in a shelter for our Bird Dog and Bronco Mockup.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2012
    Hi folks,

    Attached is the February newsletter.

    Thanks to many of you we have begun a process that will result in a shelter for our Bird Dog and Bronco Mockup.

    As many of you are aware, for the last several years we have been involved in an effort that we hoped would have resulted in a large regional museum based here in Fort Worth.  Had it happened, we would have become a part of that effort.  Last week, the Fort Worth Air & Space Museum Foundation was dissolved.  Essentially, they failed to generate the interest that was hoped for and defaulted on a $3,000,000 loan from the City of Fort Worth.  Most of the loan had gone to pay for an 8,500 foot exhibition that was suppose to travel and generate interest and funds for the big museum.  (They had already spent nearly $2,000,00 before the loan).  Suffice it to say the City has seized the exhibit and all the Foundation's assets and wants to see some return of capital.

    This week the City Council had two proposals before it, one was adding more funds to try to market the exhibition and the other was to simply sell everything.  We came forward with what has been referred to as "option two," namely to catalog the exhibition AND collection, determine what is really there and determine an alternative course of action within six months.  

    Why is this important to us?

    The City provides us with a facility that works for us, but would cost $27,000 a month if we had to pay outright for it.  In return, we educate the local public about the history of aviation here along with the stories of Forward Air Control and the OV-10.  Another tenant tells the B-36 and Air Force Plant #4's stories.  So, it is a very symbiotic relationship.  We preserve and perpetuate our collective histories along with the City's and all move forward.  By helping to save the City's legacy of artifacts, we embed ourselves deeper into the community and make it harder to be dislodged.  We are becoming invaluable to the City which assures us a place to tell our Bronco and FAC stories.  While you have all funded our activities over the last fourteen years through your donations and memberships, the last two years our visitors have added to that support.  While it may seem to some that we are moving away from our original mission, the OV-10 and Forward Air Control, the reality is we have always strived to assure our future by allying ourselves with others whenever it was appropriate.  In this case, the stories of Forward Air Control in support of Close Air Support intertwine nicely with the stories of other aircraft that are significant here.  We can all coexist and move forward together and we are.  The pyramid we are building to support our original missions is broad and diverse and tells some great stories.  The best is yet to come.

    So, with this in mind, if you are interested you can follow this link to the presentation to the Fort Worth City Council this week, click on:   http://fortworthgov.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=2&clip_id=1359

    To get right to my talk, in the section on the left side of the web page, scroll down to, and click on "1. M & C C-25420" to get the video rolling.  There's about a minute of introduction before I am is introduced.  

    Semper fi,


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