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Now We're a Museum

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    All, I am following up on my March 24 message which discussed Terry Tabor s resignation and the three critical goals that we needed to accomplish by the end of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2010
    I am following up on my March 24 message which discussed Terry Tabor's resignation and the three critical goals that we needed to accomplish by the end of May.
    The first goal - Obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) by May 1st was accomplished ahead of our self imposed deadline.  Thanks to lots of very hard work by a small group of members and staff the Certificate of Occupancy was issued by the City of Fort Worth on April 23rd.
    Our second goal was to open the museum building and grounds to the public by May 22nd.  Next was the VMAP Action Plan (CO to Opening) that Jim Hodgson sent out April 25th.  If you want to see all that had to be accomplished in less than a month take a look at the attachment.  If you were part of the crew working to get the museum opened take a look at the plan and see what you accomplished in a very short time.
    Let me say I was astonished at the remarkable changes in the facility since my last visit in November.  I don't know how those of you involved in doing the work got it done. The official opening was held on Saturday May 22, as scheduled, to a full house that included members of the B-36 group, Marine Bronco Reunion, VMFA-333 reunion, Marine Corps Aviation Association members, our members and staff as well as the general public.
    The third goal was to hold a successful Cowtown Warbird Roundup on May 22.  Although the CWR was successful overall there were a number of areas where major improvements are needed.  Those will be addressed in the After Action Report being prepared by Jim Hodgson on behalf of the Executive Committee.  Again thanks to everyone involved in the lead up to and carrying out CWR 2010.
    Well, we're still not done.  Now we are in the museum business and have a museum to operate.  That means staff to take admissions, act as docents answering questions from the public, keep the place clean and presentable as well as maintain the yard and aircraft.  I do not know the actual hours of operation but they will be on Saturday and Sunday.  I expect the hours will be expanded as we move forward.
    The Executive Committee (EC) will remain in place to provide guidance regarding museum operations.  The Executive Committee was formed following the November 2009 Board of Directors meeting to set goals and provide guidance on a day to day basis.  The Board of Directors is designed to look at longer range issues, in other words a strategic view of the OBA/FACM/VMAP.  The EC can be viewed as more tactical in nature.  Its membership is made up of the OBA Corporation officers.
    Jim Hodgson will continue to head up the EC from his position as both President (temporary) and Executive Director.  Other members include Tom Kemp (Treasurer), Debbi Lambert (Secretary) and Chip Bulkeley (Aircraft maintenance and outside display area).  In addition the Chairman of the BOD acts as liaison between the BOD and the EC.
    We are presently operating without a permanent President and Vice President.  Anyone who might be interested in either position please contact me.
    Let me reemphasize the need of volunteers to staff and operate the museum.  Even a couple of hours on a Saturday or Sunday will be a great help.
    Chuck "IGOR" Burin
    Chairman - OBA Board of Directors
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