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    OBA members, MX, staff, Bronco Fans and interested parties, Sunday evening I received and e-mail from OBA President Terry Tabor informing me that he was
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2010
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      OBA members, MX, staff, Bronco Fans and interested parties,
      Sunday evening I received and e-mail  from OBA President Terry Tabor informing me that he was resigning his position as president, board member, FAC Association Reunion Chairman as well as most other activities involving OBA/FACM/VMAP.  All are effective immediately.  (see Terry's message below)
      I have spoken to Terry yesterday and have accepted his resignation.  I have asked Jim Hodgson to fill in a Acting President through the end of May.
      I want to thank Terry for his superb work as our president since reluctantly taking over from Jim Hodgson April 23, 2009.  He came into the position/job as we were being evicted from VFM and negoiating the move to the school location while also conducting the second CWR in a 7 month period.  Terry has been able to "herd the cats" in an efficient and effective manner.
      The organization has a number of areas that are considered critical to our continued existance as an museum.  Immediate goals to be accomplished between now and the end of May are:
      1. Obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) by May 1st.
      2. Opening the museum to the public by May 22nd.
      3. Completing a successful Cow Town War Bird Roundup on May 23
      To meet these goals the following information regarding area coordinators is being provided.  All staff and volunteers are asked to coordinate any and all activities with the appropriate senior coordinators.
      Overall coordination - Executive Committee: Jim Hodgson, Tom Kemp, Chuck Burin, Debbi Lambert and Chip Bulkeley 
      Museum Opening to Public - Jim Hodgson
      Work involving the buildings (Certificate of Occupancy) - Tom Kemp and Dave "Frosty" Fassett
      Work involving the land issues (the yard) - Dick Gilson
      Maintenance and aircraft movement - Chip Bulkeley
      CWR - Jim Hodgson
      Fund Raising - Jim Hodgson, Nick Ricco
      Chuck "IGOR" Burin
      Chairman of the Board
       ----- Terry's Original Message -----
      Sent: Monday, March 22, 2010 4:54 PM
      Subject: Resignation


      I hereby submit my resignation from all duties for OBA/FACM/VMAP effective immediately.  This includes my duties as President and as a member of the BOD.  It also includes my position as Reunion Chairman for the FAC Association reunion in October 2010 and Project Manager for the Museum and Storage building remodeling/ordinance permits.

      I apologize for the short notice and will be happy to work with whoever picks up the various duties to replace me.  I have promised Jim Hodgson that I will still help with CWR this May.  And I will continue to work with Roy on the museum when he is able to come to town for electrical projects. 

      A number of factors have influenced me to make this decision, but the primary ones are changes and obligations in my personal life.  Marlyn and I have an enormous amount of life transitions to work through in the near future and I have been putting a lot of it off due to the intense effort to re-open the museum.  I have enjoyed the support and camaraderie of our members worldwide and locally, but the time has come to change course and I can no longer dedicate as much time to the museum.  It was a difficult choice to make and I appreciate your understanding.

      I wish OBA/FACM/VMAP great success in the future.


      Terry Tabor

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