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Re: Locating A USMC OV-10 pilot

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  • Mike Whaley
    Hi John, No load Marine... I like that! :) I don t know Capt. O Connell myself, but there s a fairly good chance someone in our merry band of Bronco-lovers
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2009
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      Hi John,

      "No load" Marine... I like that! :)

      I don't know Capt. O'Connell myself, but there's a fairly good chance
      someone in our merry band of Bronco-lovers does, the USMC OV-10 community is
      fairly small (at least as compared to many other types of aircraft). I'm
      forwarding this to our various lists and see what turns up... sure hope we
      can find out something for you!

      Folks, please Cc: any relevant info directly to John at


      Mike Whaley

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      Sent: Saturday, July 11, 2009 2:04 AM
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      > Dear Sir,
      > I am a Marine ....technically some would call me a "Former" Marine but
      perhaps you are aware that we view ourselves as ALWAYS a Marine so we have
      come to prefer the term "No Load" Marine as in No Longer On Active Duty.
      > I competed as a young Marine in the Eastern Division Matches at Camp
      Lejeune in either 1980 or 1981 on a team made up of Marines from different
      > My coach was a Marine Captain whose name was (I believe) Captain James
      > I may be wrong on the spelling of the name, have his first name wrong, or
      it may have been Capt. Connell instead of O'Connell.
      > I apologize for my bad memory but in The Corps, enlisted men (I was a
      Corporal or Sgt at the time), did not exactly call officers by their first
      names and most of the time I addressed the Captain as "Captain" or "Skipper"
      as that was the traditional form of address for an enlisted man to refer to
      a Captain in The Corps.
      > He was a pilot of OV-10 "Bronco" aircraft and had flown them in the
      Vietnam War so he may be a member of your association or someone who IS a
      member may possibly know him.
      > I have tried searching the distinguished shooters listing but found no
      listing for any name near those I thought might have been Capt O'Connell's.
      > In addition to being a great coach and very knowledgable he WAS a double
      distinguished shooter.
      > The Captain was familiar to many of the shooters on the line as I remember
      him speaking to some as one would speak to a friend or former teammate.
      > I can't seem to locate him on the distinguished shooters listing the
      C.M.P. maintains.
      > Is there someone there that can help me?
      > I'm trying to locate the Captain so I can contact him and tell him how
      much his coaching meant to me and how it affected the course of the rest of
      my life after I left the USMC.
      > In short I am currently a police sniper and most all of what set me on
      this course in my life I owe to the Captain.
      > Unfortunately I never saw the Captain again after leaving Camp Lejeune to
      return to my base.
      > If you can help me in any way I would greatly appreciate it.
      > Thank you for your help.
      > Semper Fi,
      > John M. Klein
      > Sgt. USMC '78-'82
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