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Fort Worth Veteran's Memorial Air Park

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  • Jim Hodgson
    Hi folks, If you haven t visited the Bronco Association web site lately, I suggest you drop by at www.ov-10bronco.net . Our
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      Hi folks,


                  If you haven’t visited the Bronco Association web site lately, I suggest you drop by at www.ov-10bronco.net.  Our webmaster, Mike “Merlin” Whaley has been busy updating the site for Bronco Fest and the Fort Worth Veteran’s Memorial Air Park (FTW VMAP).


                  The section on the FTW VMAP, (scroll down the page) is particularly interesting.  We have been so busy recovering airplanes that I think we have lost sight of the forest for the trees.  Mike has done a nice job of providing some perspective for us.  Some of the recent developments are particularly interesting.  One of our FTW VAMP goals is to acquire airplanes with a tie to the Fort Worth area since the aviation history of Fort Worth is being neglected.  Four airplanes now under recovery have specific ties here.  We are also learning more and more about the history of each aircraft and they all have a unique story to be told.


                  For instance, The A-7 we hope to recover was built here in the Metroplex and survived being hit in combat in SEA.  The RF-8 we hope to recover was also built here and also served in SEA as one of the first airplanes to be in action over Laos with the US Navy.  It later served with the Marines, right here at NAS Dallas.  In addition, it was a victim of hurricane Katrina while it was on display in Mobile .  The TF-102 is a rare machine who’s cockpit and forward fuselage was built here in Fort Worth and shipped to San Diego for final assembly.  Later in it’s career, it served several Air Force squadrons here in Texas .  The F-111 was also built here in Fort Worth .  If we can recover that airplane, it will be the only example of the F-111 here in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. 


      It is sometimes hard to believe how far we have come since we first acquired the OV-10 Bronco factory mock-up in 2001.  Take a look, just past the BroncoFest information.  None of this would have been possible without the support of all of you and many others.  Thank you for your continued support.


                  FTW VAMP, preserving military aviation history, one airplane at a time.






      PS        We will be conducting a family picnic here July 14th for our annual Founders Day celebration.  We will also be honoring the recovery crew of our F-14 “Christine” so if you are in the area please stop by for burgers and a brew between 1100 and 1600.

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