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1746Re: [ov-10fans] Re: OBA Member A to D Time-Line With 133395

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    Sep 29, 2013
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      Today aircraft are rarely built by a single manufacturer. The industry is
      specialized in many areas and Congress has seen fit to micro manage our
      military spending to such an extent to democratize literally every smidg'n
      curbic inch to such a degree that you might be surprised to find out your
      Aunt May's sewing circle may very well have a contract for some. This was
      not the case until the late 70's...or Post-Nam...

      Ed Clayman


      IIRC, the B-1 had suppliers in 48 states and that policy has been repeated
      many times since then. A friend who worked in the F-16 System Program Office
      in the 90s told me the Navy equivalent was them wanting to homeport ships in
      every state, including the landlocked ones. :-)

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