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Re: [outsidermusic] Billy Bob Thornton does a Joaquin Phoenix on Canadian radio

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  • matt love
    I have been exposed to Ghomeshi s show for endless hours before I swore it off. When we first moved to Canada, there was a very good program, in his old time
    Message 1 of 4 , May 29, 2009
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      I have been exposed to Ghomeshi's show for endless hours before I swore it off. When we first moved to Canada, there was a very good program, in his old time slot, but they dumped it and put him in. He moved to the morning when the even worse Sheila Rogers left her daily slot for a weekly one.  Maybe she overstepped when she told a distinguished former government official (and powerhouse in the private sector, which seems to be more common here than in the US) that she looked fantastic, as if she'd just had a really good facelift.  I know it's not fair to hold Ghomeshi accountable for Rogers behavior, but they are cut from the same cloth - to some degree they all are... very much clones of their NPR counterparts south of the border, and like NPR, they seem to be rushing to the bottom. At first they seem good when you compare them to their private sector counterparts, but they all wear thin sooner or later. Except Jonathan Goldstein, who does an entirely different kind of show.

      Cut from the same cloth in that you can hear (I don't have TV, i catch the CBC programs on the radio) them size up the guests, and decide who they will bully around and who they will fawn up to. Some are pretty easy to guess - when Ghomeshi has  a Gordon Lightfoot or a Leonard Cohen on, you can bet the sound of slurping is quite audible. 

      Actually, I played the clip of Ghomeshi and Thornton for my wife, and she immediately picked up on what Ghomeshi was doing - it took me to the second listen to see how blatant it was.  It goes something like this:

      "Ok, we don't have to talk about that, my producers agreed we wouldn't, but I just want to point out that when I talk about it, I'm not really talking about it. You can see how that is can't you?  And I'm just going to persist in not talking about it, even though I really am, when you point out that I'm still talking about it. It's really ok for me to keep this thing going for as long as I possibly can, I can just imagine the YouTube hits as I persist in not talking about this while I really am.  Maybe if I can be persistent enough in not talking about this that you'll throw a chair at me or something, and the ratings will really go through the roof. I can see this is something you are really sensitive about, and I'm annoying you, so rather than just go on to a different question like a reasonable person, I'm going to stick with this for as long as I possibly can, while I'm pretending that I'm not...."

      And on and on. 

      I just want to add, I've been finding some of your fellow Canadians to be sort of odd birds (I'm sure you're not one of them).  They were so gleeful to drive Billy Bob Thornton out of the country for some pathetic feeble knocks against Canada.. they were triumphant when they drove out a comic for suggesting on Fox that the Canadian military lacks that sadistic, killer edge the army of an imperial power has... but they welcome George W. Bush and Bill Clinton into the country repeatedly, with open arms... after these guys have molested the whole world.  What's up with that?

      And just tonight, the CBC was telling me how relaxed and charming and witty and hardhitting Bush was, and how a bunch of Canadians were persuade to rethink him and start liking him.  WTF?  But it's true, the Canadians are as disadvantaged by their public (and private) media as the US - I've heard scant mention of this story (below) for example - one of the many criminal acts we can lay at the feet of this satanic figure that Canadians apparently can't get enough of.

      But this is an outsider music list, so let me get back to music - I don't don't know anybody that's more outsider than me, so let me recommend some of my music which is political and outside:


      Taguba Saw "Video of Male Soldier Sodomizing Female Detainee"

      Friday 29 May 2009

      by: Jason Leopold, t r u t h o u t | Report

      Prisoners' feet.

      (Photo: Marwan Naaman / AFP)

          In 2007, shortly after he was forced into retirement, Army Maj. Gen. Antonio M. Taguba made a startling admission. During the course of his investigation into the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, Taguba said he saw "a video of a male American soldier in uniform sodomizing a female detainee."

          Taguba told New Yorker reporter Seymour Hersh that he saw other graphic photos and videos as well, including one depicting the "sexual humiliation of a father with his son, who were both detainees."

          That video, as well as photographs Taguba saw of US soldiers raping and torturing Iraqi prisoners, remains in the possession of the Army's Criminal Investigation Division (CID).

          Taguba said he did not discuss details of the photographs and videos in his voluminous report on abuses at Abu Ghraib because of the Army's ongoing criminal probe and the photographs' "extremely sensitive nature."

          Taguba's report on the widespread abuse of prisoners did say that he found credible a report that a soldier had sodomized "a detainee with a chemical light and perhaps a broom stick."

          The rape video, or photographs like it, "was not made public in any of the subsequent court proceedings, nor has there been any public government mention of it," Hersh wrote. "Such images would have added an even more inflammatory element to the outcry over Abu Ghraib."

          Now, a report in Britain's Daily Telegraph this week stating that the photographs and video Taguba first described to Hersh two years ago were the ones the Obama administration has decided against releasing to the American Civil Liberties Union in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit has done just that.

          But the photographs described by the Telegraph are not those at the center of the five-year-old lawsuit between the Bush administration and the ACLU that Obama had agreed earlier this year to release.

          Two weeks ago, after Obama decided against releasing the photographs, the Telegraph published a report along with several pictures depicting Iraqi prisoners being abused, implying that they were the ones Obama was withholding. That report was also incorrect, as the photographs the Telegraph published two weeks ago had first surfaced in 2006.

          The photographs Obama has decided to withhold, as first reported by Truthout, are several dozen taken in 2003 and 2004 in which US Army soldiers in Afghanistan took dozens of pictures of their colleagues pointing assault rifles and pistols at the heads and backs of hooded and bound detainees.

          Another photograph, found on a government computer, showed two male soldiers and one female soldier pointing a broom to one detainee "as if I was sticking the end of a broom stick into [his] rectum," according to the female soldier's account to an Army criminal investigator.

          The documents that describe many of the photographs that had been set for release this month were housed on the ACLU's web site. The ACLU obtained files describing the pictures in 2005 as part of the organization's Freedom of information Act lawsuit against the Bush administration seeking documents related to the treatment of "war on terror" prisoners in US custody.

          Amrit Singh, an ACLU staff attorney, confirmed that the photographs described in documents posted on the group's web site were those that President Obama has decided to withhold, fearing the disclosure would stoke anti-American sentiment and endanger US troops.

          White House press secretary Robert Gibbs and Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman suggested Thursday that the rape photographs don't exist. That's not true. They are just not part of the photographs Obama was set to release this month.

          The appeals court panel ordered the 21 photographs taken in Afghanistan and Iraq depicting detainee abuse to be released. About 23 other pictures taken at undisclosed locations in Iraq and Afghanistan were also subject to release. There was speculation that, beyond these photographs, as many as 2,000 others may also be released.

          The Army's Criminal Investigation Division retains control over the most graphic images and videos depicting prisoner abuse and torture. The photographs and videos are classified, according to several high-ranking Pentagon officials.

          The ACLU first filed its FOIA lawsuit seeking to obtain images in December 2003.

          Last September, the US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit ordered the prisoner-abuse photos released. The Bush administration challenged the ruling, and in March the court denied that appeal petition.

          The appeals court also shot down the Bush administration's attempt to radically expand FOIA exemptions for withholding the photos, stating that the Bush administration had attempted to use the FOIA exemptions as "an all-purpose damper on global controversy."

          The appeals panel added that releasing the photographs "is likely to further the purposes of the Geneva Conventions by deterring future abuse of prisoners."

          In April, the Obama administration had agreed to release the photos because the Justice Department said it did not believe it could convince the Supreme Court to review the case. In court papers this week, the Obama administration indicated that it now intends to appeal the case to the Supreme Court.

      On Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 9:26 PM, <mark_r_hazen@...> wrote:

      This is the first time I've seen Mr. Ghomshi's show and I thought he handled his collision with BB like a real pro.  How is he "smarmy and obnoxious"?  Seems a bit harsh Mr. Love. Perhaps you could do this confused Canuck a favour and let me know what I'm missing.

      --- On Sat, 4/11/09, matt love <mattlove1@...> wrote:
      From: matt love <mattlove1@...>
      Subject: Re: [outsidermusic] Billy Bob Thornton does a Joaquin Phoenix on Canadian radio
      To: outsidermusic@yahoogroups.com
      Received: Saturday, April 11, 2009, 3:11 AM

      But Billy Bob Thornton did a great favor to the smarmy and obnoxious CBC host JianGhomeshi.  He made Jian:

      1. famous in the first world
      2. actually look good by comparison

      On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 7:04 AM, Telstar <aclark23@sympatico. ca> wrote:

      "Billy Bob Thornton has followed Joaquin Phoenix into the showbiz
      curiosity files after giving an interview about his move into music
      but refusing to answer questions or play with his band."

      http://tinyurl. com/Billy- Bob-Golden- Throat

      What a dick. I feel sorry for his fellow band members.


      Learn about YesArt, the independent creative union at:

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