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Derailroaded now available on DVD in the UK!!!

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  • jeremy_lubin
    Hey everyone, We are excited to announce that Derailroaded: Inside the Mind of Larry Wild Man Fischer is now available on DVD in the UK on the PLEXIFILM
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2006
      Hey everyone,

      We are excited to announce that Derailroaded: Inside the Mind of Larry
      "Wild Man" Fischer is now available on DVD in the UK on the PLEXIFILM

      To purchase, please go to our website at http://www.derailroaded.com,
      and click on "Buy the DVD."

      The DVD is NTSC/REGION FREE so if you live in the USA and don't want
      to wait for it to be released domestically, you can still purchase it
      as an import and it WILL work on your DVD player.

      The DVD contains 2 Full audio commentary tracks plus 49 minutes of
      deleted scenes including: Weird Al sings Wild Man, Interview with Rudy
      Ray Moore aka Dolemite & more!!

      Please pass this email along to any and all who might appreciate our


      -The Ubin Twinz

      p.s. Check out our brand new MySpace page at
      www.myspace.com/derailroaded and pass on the good word to your friends
      on myspace.

      "Equal parts hilarity and heartbreak...the fine line between madness
      and genius has rarely been so acutely drawn. 5/5 STARS" - David
      Sheppard, MOJO Magazine

      "Stunning document of an outsider's life unraveling. 5/5 STARS"- Rob
      Young, UNCUT Magazine

      "Derailroaded is a funhouse mirror of a movie that brilliantly
      reflects the warped, fractured chapters of Fischer's unique life
      story. 5/5 STARS" -KJ Doughton, Film Threat

      "As discomfortingly fascinating as listening to a couple's heated
      argument at a table near yours in a restaurant" -Joe Leydon, Variety

      "Josh Rubin's fascinating documentary disects the life of Larry "Wild
      Man" Fischer, juggling the question: lunatic or musical genius?"-
      Austin Chronicle

      "Demons and genius make strange bedfellows. And we're complicit in the
      relationship." -Dallas Morning News

      "Filmmakers Josh Rubin and Jeremy Lubin present a humourous and tragic
      portrait of Fischer who continues to battle his demons even today"

      "Derailroaded proves haunting and suggestively epic" -Seattle Times

      "Strangely fascinating, a devistating portrait of delusion and
      fathomless despair." -Seattle's The Stranger

      "The Wild Man cometh! 3/4 STARS" - Vince Musetto, NY Post

      "Fascinating!" - New York Magazine

      "Like the man himself, Derailroaded is heartbreaking, funny and
      fascinating at the same time."- Laura Marrich, The Alibi

      "While some scenes are undeniably funny, the film is a sensitive and
      haunting portrait of a man who can't cope with the rigors of show
      business, yet repeatedly throws himself into its trenches."-Ronit
      Feldman, Detroit Metro Times

      "This sensitive, informed and ultimately melancholic bio-doc sums it
      up very eloquently indeed" 4/5 STARS- Time Out London

      "For sheer jaw-dropng pleasure, the kind derived from re-learning that
      truth is stranger than fiction, Derailroaded is unbeatable!"- David
      Pellfrey, Black and White

      "A hilarious/tragic/bizarre/unforgettable documentary!"-Matt Silvie,

      DERAILROADED: Inside the Mind of Larry "Wild Man" Fischer
      An Ubin Twinz Film

      de*rail*road*ed (di rāl'rōd ed) 1. pt.; a neologism; one man's
      psycholinguistic and schizo-musical metaphor for derailed, to have
      caused a train, mind or life to go off the tracks. 2. proper noun; an
      86 minute documentary feature

      In this shocking and sensitive musical journey through the
      thunderstorms of the mind of manic-depressive and
      paranoid-schizophrenic Larry "Wild Man" Fischer, we follow his
      discordant encounters in the music business. Institutionalized at 16
      after attacking his mother with a knife, Fischer wandered the mean
      streets of L.A. singing his unique brand of songs for 10¢ each to
      passersby. He was discovered by Frank Zappa, with whom he cut his
      first record album, including the enduring dada rock classic 'Merry Go
      Round'. A precursor to punk, Fischer became an underground club and
      concert favourite, earning him the title of "godfather of outsider
      music." Over the course of his 40 year career, Fischer has performed
      constantly, is the first artist ever recorded on Rhino Records, was
      featured on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, had a top hit in the UK Pop
      Charts with 'Go To Rhino Records', which featured in John Peel's
      Festive Fifty 1976, was the subject of his own comic book, was a
      mainstay on The Dr Demento Show, and even sang a duet with the late
      Rosemary Clooney.

      Extensive archival footage from Fischer's early days, including his TV
      and club performances, trace his life from neglected child to tortured
      genius. We visit him at home, follow him on the streets, and speak
      with those who over the years witnessed - and survived - his erratic
      behavior: his family, his doctor, and industry professionals including
      Frank and Gail Zappa, Weird Al Yankovic, Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo,
      Solomon Burke, Dr. Demento, and Barnes and Barnes. You will be moved,
      amazed, repelled, and ultimately come to know what it is like to be
      profoundly DERAILROADED.

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