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Re: Jandek question: Why Corwood 0739?

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  • flynfilipino
    No, he hadn t done 738 recordings from what I understand, it s a numerology thing frederick
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 1, 2004
      No, he hadn't done 738 recordings

      from what I understand,
      it's a numerology thing


      --- In outsidermusic@yahoogroups.com, Patrick Neve <neve@u...> wrote:
      > Hi there.. maybe this has been explained before, but I'm wondering if
      > there is any apparant significance to Jandek's catalog starting with
      > number 0739. I'd find it hard to believe that he had 738 recordings prior
      > to his starting Corwood Industries.. but who knows.
      > Thanks,
      > Patrick Neve
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