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Interdimensional Metacompilation in Free Download [17 hours from Var The experimental metacompilation Necktar 2017 Volume 7 [Death / Transmission / Life : Mythos] is now released ! It is Free, Test it, Dream It, Share It or Do

Jan 30

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Trying to find Cultural Artifacts (Films, Music, Art) from rural, is First off, let me say that my primary problem is that I am having trouble defining what it is I'm looking for. Basically I'm trying to find music, movies, or

Nov 25, 2013

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Re: Milford Perkins Cool info. Thanks, James. That record's sound could have had a hit with the right song - and that song is actually so close....! Country Paul ... Actually...

Nov 20, 2013

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Re: Milford Perkins Actually... Milford Perkins is not Rodd Keith, contrary to what you may read elsewhere.  Rodd almost certainly provided the music, but that's not his voice

james lindbloom
Nov 18, 2013

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Re: Milford Perkins ________________________________________________________________________ Michael wrote: "Thanks for sharing 'The Vacant House', very fun and interesting. The

Nov 15, 2013

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Re: Milford Perkins' "The Vacant House" Hi Country Paul, Thanks for sharing 'The Vacant House', very fun and interesting. The file cam through just fine. - Michael ... [Preview 1184, 1967} Since it

Nov 14, 2013

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Re: Milford Perkins Paul -   I'm not sure if Milford Perkins (or more likely, "Milford Perkins") did anything outside of the song-poem industry.  I wouldn't call him a s-p

james lindbloom
Nov 13, 2013

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Re: Milford Perkins' "The Vacant House" [Preview 1184, 1967} Since it seems to be impossible to add a file in this "NEO" Yahoogroup "luniverse," I'm attaching the Milford Perkins track I previously

Nov 12, 2013
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Milford Perkins I've come across Milford Perkins' "The Vacant House" (Preview 1184, 1967), a song-poem that really rises above the usual constraints of the genre. Does anyone

Nov 12, 2013

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new Rodd Keith LP : "Black Phoenix Blues" now available from Roaratorio ::: RODD KEITH BLACK PHOENIX BLUES To call Rodd Keith the king of the song-poems (also known as the “send us your lyrics”

Nov 8, 2013

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I Lost My Girl To An Argentinan Cowboy Long time listener, first time caller. Several years ago, I happened across an entire mailing that was originally "return to sender" to the United States Post

Derek Hanson
Aug 30, 2013

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Re: F/S Acid Archices OG Kathy Heideman - Move With Love @ eBay This was redirected to here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330983100603

Aug 8, 2013

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F/S Acid Archices OG Kathy Heideman - Move With Love @ eBay Hello, Don't know at this point it is of interest, though this may be possibly the last OG of this for a while, this is really rare, one out of maybe 4 or so

Aug 7, 2013

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Re: F/S Acid Archices OG Kathy Heideman - Move With Love @ eBay For those of you not wanting to ball out of control on an OG copy, the Numero Group is reissuing an exact replica on 10/01. "Lodged between a heartbreak and a

dustin drase
Aug 6, 2013

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new album from Rotate The Completor Coming in about a month -- now taking pre-orders.... ROTATE THE COMPLETOR ROTATE THE COMPLETORS: THE COMPLETED ROTATIONS. roar 29 LP [don't be fooled by the

May 6, 2013
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