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Salt City Results

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  • sutibu1
    ith 22 games to (17 home and 5 away), the Trolleys were tied the Capones for the division title. First up were the Orioles, a team the Trolleys should beat as
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      ith 22 games to (17 home and 5 away), the Trolleys were tied the
      Capones for the division title. First up were the Orioles, a team the
      Trolleys should beat as they are having a tough season. Salt City wins
      the first three games, with game 2 being yet another Randy Johnson
      shutout (2h, 1bb, 9k). But Aberdeen bounces back to win game 4. Then a
      very exciting Game 5. Aberdeen creeps up 4-1, but Salt City gets 3 in
      the bottom of the 9th to tie it. But Furcal hits a HR in the top of
      the 14th to give the Orioles the win and hand the Trolleys a tough
      loss. Salt City takes the series 3-2.

      Next up, one of the new teams, the Kentucky Blue Jays, fighting for a
      wild card spot. Again, Salt City takes the first 3 games (Johnson won,
      but no shutout this time). The Blue Jays take game 4 so here we are
      again for game 5, same situation as the last series. Tomko and two
      others 6 hit the Trolleys for another disappointing 5th game loss.

      So now it's the Chicago Capones and the Trolleys up by 1 game. Here we

      Game 1: This time isn't wasn't Randy Johnson with the shutout, it was
      Mark Buehrle. 6 hitter, 1 bb, 4 k's as the Capones bomb the Trolleys
      8-0, scoring 6 times before the Trolleys would even come to the plate.
      First inning runs would be the norm for Chicago as they would score in
      the 1st in 6 of the 7 games. Texiera went 3x4, hr, 3rbi.

      Game 2: Salt City bounces back winning 9-3. But it wasn't easy.
      Chicago was up 3-2 when the Trolleys erupted for 6 in the 6th. Johnson
      gave up 10 hits and whiffed 9, but won his 24th of the season. Shannon
      Stewart 4x5, hr, 3rbi. The series is tied 1-1.

      Game 3: Another blowout. Chicago 14-4. 3 in the 4th, 3 in the 5th and
      7 in the 6th. Ouch. 16 hits. 6 doubles. 4 homers, including a grand
      slam from Tony Batista.

      Game 4: Will we ever have a close game. Salt City wins it 10-4.
      Chicago gets 3 in the 1st, but Salt City plates 4 in the 2nd and 2
      more in the 3rd to break it open. Pudge goes 4x5, 2b, hr, 5rbi. So now
      the series is tied 2-2 and Salt City is still one game in front with 3
      to play at home.

      Game 5: What a wild game! Chicago gets 3 in the 1st, AGAIN!, then 3
      more in the 3rd to make it 6-1. But then the Trolleys wake up, scoring
      4 in the 4th and one more in the 5th to tie the game! In the bottom of
      the 8th, D'Angelo Jiminez hits a Texas Leaguer to bring home the
      leading run and it's 7-6 Salt City! Armando Benitez, ace reliever,
      comes in....Bonds pops up, 1 out. The Big Hurt walks. Baldelli pinch
      runs. Texiera hits one to the line in RF...it drops! But Baldelli
      holds 3rd on the great arm of Ichiro. 2nd and 3rd, 1 out. Jim Thome is
      intentionally walked to load them up. Tony Batista up, known whiffer,
      defense plays in though. Here's the pitch...Ernie calls it:

      T. BATISTA facing A. BENITEZ, T 9th, 1 Out, Bases Loaded, Behind 6-7
      The Trolleys are looking for the play at the plate ... the runners
      take their lead ... the pitch, one-hopper to second ... DURHAM throws
      to the plate ... out! ... the throw to first, they got him ... they
      turn it! ... a double play ... and they get out of the inning
      FINAL SCORE : Capones 6, Trolleys 7

      And the fans go nuts!

      Game 6: Chicago scores 1 in the 1st, I-Rod and Broussard are injured
      on a popup and out for the game, zoinks. The Capones get two more in
      the 2nd. But Salt City gets all 3 back in the bottom of the 4th to tie
      the game and add one more in the 5th to take the lead. Top of the 6th,
      Hawkins now in and promptly gives up a double to Texiera to tie the
      game. With 2 out in the bottom of the 6th, Shannon Stewart hits a HR
      off of Buehrle to give Salt City the lead 5-4 and they hang on without
      incident for a crucial win.

      Game 7: Mike Maroth, a 6Z, pitches a heck of a game. 6.2 IP, 8H, 2ER,
      3BB, 3K. His only mistake was a 2 run HR to Guillen. Unfortunately, he
      was going up against Randy Johnson. You guessed it, another shutout.
      9IP, 3H, 2BB, 10K. He has been unbelievable at home this year. I would
      guess 6 of his 8 shutouts were at home.

      So, now Salt City is up 4 games over Chicago. How will they do in
      their final five road games? Can Chicago do well in it's other road
      series to pass the Trolleys? Stay tuned...

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