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League Opening - Salary League

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  • Daymon Ward
    Hey fellas. I m in a salary league (just joined) and they have one additional team open. It s the Florida franchise. Real quick, this is how it works:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2010
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      Hey fellas.

      I'm in a salary league (just joined) and they have one additional team open.  It's the Florida franchise.  Real quick, this is how it works:

      -Keeper League
      -All rookies making an appearance (with Florida) would be yours to either keep or protect at the end of the season
      -All players are assigned a salary each year based on their real salary as published in the USA today annual salary report
      -You have to stay below the league salary cap (currently around $117,000,000)
      -The Florida franchise has :  Abreu; Mig Cabrera; JD Drew; Ramon Hernandez; Mike Jacobs, Josh Johnson; Derek Lowe; Lastings Milledge; Nolasco; Olivo; Hanley Ramirez; A-Rod; Chris Volstad, etc., plus the rookies:  Coghlan; Davidson; Hayes; Leroux; Chr Martinez; Taylor; West, and Wood
      -You keep 40 guys each year (including uncut rookies)

      -The team is currently at $131,000,000+ payroll, so after the draft (in February), the new owner will need to shed some payroll by cutting some folks, or trading some off.

      Let me know ASAP if you're interested and I'll submit your name to the commish.  I don't really know how the game flow is in this league, since it's my first year in it too.

      Lemmeknow fellas.


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