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992Re: [outlaws_bb] May File

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  • Daymon Ward
    May 3, 2007
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      I'm not discouraged. I knew this team wasn't going to compete this season.
      I just thought it was funny that I came up short 9 games in a row. That's
      the price of moving toward younger players.

      I'm almost afraid to play my final series for the month (lol).

      A lot of the reason I've come up so short this month is due to position
      eligibility. Helton, Posada, Betancourt, Damon, and Luis Gonzalez, all sat
      for extended periods during that 9 game skid.

      What DOES amaze me though, it that EVERY batter of mine is hitting WAY below
      their projected average. Most of my batters are hitting nearly 100 points
      under their season average, and my extra base hits are behind pace for the
      season as well.

      Hopefully, over the course of the season, this will find its level, and
      "someone" on the team will find their stroke.


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      >My first year I went 58-104, which made me want to through my computer out
      >the window so I feel for you. It will only get better, you already had a
      >draft this year.
      >Take care,
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