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94Re: [outlaws_bb] Outlaws League Notes

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  • gerstp1@aol.com
    Dec 4, 2005
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      Thanks for continuing as the commish, you are doing a great job of moving the league along. 
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      Subject: [outlaws_bb] Outlaws League Notes

      Things in this email:
        World Series in progress
        Commish for next year
        Let me know if you're not returning
        Revised constitution needed
        Rule change proposals / discussions can begin
        Yahoo Group List
        New stadiums for next year
        Trading period is now open
        Draft date
      The World Series is tied at 1-1 between Chicago and
      Palm Beach.  The games have shifted over to Palm Beach
      for games 3-5.
      As the season is just about all wound down now, it
      time to start planning for next year.  Soooo with that
      in mind...
      I am planning on continuing to assume the duties as
      commission for the 2006 season.  Unless someone else
      really wants to do it, I'll keep rolling along.
      First thing, please let me know if you are or are not
      planning on returning for next year.  We have
      Lancaster that is currently open (but I just offered
      that to someone on the waiting list).  I am not aware
      of any other openings at the moment, and I assume that
      all others are returning.
      The next thing I need to do is get a revised
      constitution.  There are a few items that are not
      reflected in our current constitution that need to
      change.  I'll get that ready hopefully during the
      coming week.  Some of that things that I am aware of
      that are off regard the draft order, use of
      micromanagers for all road games, and playoff format.
      Any rules changes or discussions about rules can be
      started now.
      There are still a few guys not on the group list. 
      Beleive me, it will make my life easier if you get
      signed up, and you'll be less likely to miss key
      discussion points if you are on the yahoo group.  If
      you need to find out what you need to do to get on it,
      let me know.  Rules balloting will be conducted on the
      group as well.
      Overall, I was pretty pleased with the operations of
      the league.  It was a mad dash from the time that we
      decided to get rolling until the regular season ended,
      but I think we are now in good shape to start the
      season on time, in the beginning of April.
      Some months I had to sim quite a few games, but I was
      ok with that.  It pretty much kept us on track and
      allowed us to get through the season without any big
      We had some overuse issues, but I think that's an
      issue with non-AIM leagues anyway.  The biggest area
      of concern was with relivers.  A couple of guys threw
      some ideas at me about that already.  We'll discuss
      that in more depth in the coming weeks.
      In 2006 we will determine our stadiums again.  We were
      suppose to either renew, or reselect our stadiums in
      2005, but due to the late start, I just blew that off.
       I didn't want to complicate the season start-up. 
      Maybe nobody noticed :)
      Dave and I talked a little bit about it a little.  We
      were thinking a little bit about using a composite
      park effects for the stadiums rather than the one year
      only effect.  That too will need to be hammered out.
      With the holidays coming on we'll pretty much just
      look at rule change discussions until in early to
      Also, if anyone noticed, according to our
      constitution, the trading period opened on December 1.
       I'm good with that, so let the trading begin.  Please
      make sure that both guys confirm each trade to me.
      We need to come up with a draft date.  If Elliot is
      still planning to host the California group, maybe he
      and I can get together first and discuss the best
      options for the draft.  Assume it to be sometime in
      February at this point. 
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