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  • Brian Lebeck
    Jan 24, 2014
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      While I am happy to have the first pick, I am still rather clueless on who will will actually be. 

      As for trades, I haven't thought too deep on my team yet, but I have some holes.  The most apparent is a significant need for Relief pitchers, or draft picks (like 4th to 6th rounds) to get them.  I definitely need some relievers.  I'd like to get two or three relievers in the grade 15 to 11 range with some innings before the draft. I would love to get something before the draft so I am not stuck drafting only relievers.

      I may be interested in an aging part-time Outfielder 2+ fielding and a bit of pop in the bat.

      Some of the guys that I think are interesting on my team that don't necessarily have a role for me this year are:

      Felix Doubront was interesting to follow last year.  A 25 year old lefty and 27 starts.
      Justin Smoak flashes some power.  Does he hit the 27 year old magic?
      Kevin Correia for some depth?
      Dayan Viciedo

      I'm ready to go to bed, so they may not be great thoughts, but there they are.  I might be willing to talk about exchanging some key guys as well.  So if you want to throw around some ideas, let me know.

      West Penn River Rats