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2262July Playball File

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  • Brian Lebeck
    Jul 1, 2009
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    Here's the playball file for July.


    Chesterton Oxen         Joe Torre
    Chicago Capones        Mel Herman IV
    Kentucky Pioneers      Billy Walker
    Nashville Nine             Outlaw Whitey
    Aberdeen Orioles        Outlaw Earl
    Carmichael Comets     Earl Weaver
    Gilead Gunslingers     Big Poppa
    Wenham Warthogs     Big Poppa
    Antelope Mudducks     Cap Spalding, Jr.
    Chicago Black Sox     Alexander Cartwright
    Millers Tavern Moonshiners Outlaw Whitey
    Palm Beach Bombers     Joe Torre
    California Chauns         Outlaw Whitey
    Roseville Knights         Cap Spalding III
    San Diego Sluggers     Bumpus Head, Jr.
    Utah Avalanche           Outlaw Whitey