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1886Re: [outlaws_bb] Realignment Status

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  • Brian Lebeck
    Nov 6, 2008
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      Hi William, and all,


      Thanks for the comment.  I did get comments from one of the dissenters that emailed it directly to me a couple days ago.  Unfortunately, I haven't taken time to address it to the group, but had planned to.  Sorry for the delay in commenting, but this going from working at home to 3 hours of commuting a day is an adjustement for me (not to mention that I have to shower, shave and put clothes on everyday).  I'll try to craft some comments here quickly during lunch....


      Basically, the gist of the dissent is that the teams heading to the Suncoast League have better records than the teams moving to the Metropolitan League.


      Based on this year's and last year's records, that is correct.  However, if you go back two and three years ago, its actually moving weaker team to the Suncoast and better teams to the Metroplitan League.  The point being records shift over time, but we tend to view things like this more in short term.


      I had mentioned to Kim when he and I talked about the realignment that the record issue might come up.  We discussed possibilities, but the reason that the team swap could not be more balanced in terms of current records, was due to the request by certain teams to remain together in their divisions, and the desire to minimize the impact to the league (one division alignment is still maintained in this proposal).  We could make a more balanced proposal in terms of record, but then all division will be impacted.


      My assumption is that if there is a shift in power realized by the leagues, it will be cyclical event that will change over time.  What I like about the realignment, eventhough there would be a short term shift in the balance of power, is that there are managers in the league that have expressed a desire to be in a division together because they already view some type of relationship with each other.  This would tend to strenghten the league as a whole, unless there is a segment of the league that becomes mad, frustrated, or otherwise PO'd in general.


      I think this is a great league, with an awesome group of managers and I do not want to mess up the mojo that we have going here.


      Feel free to make any further comments to the group, or to me personally.


      The poll is still open.  People can still vote or change their vote on the topic.   However...


      There is another option that might help ease the record concern a bit.  It was a option that did cross my mind, but it does involve moving one more team and therefore changing the one unaltered division.  Basically, instead of moving Millers Tavern to the Suncoast League, move Millers Tavern to the other division (along with Wenham, Aberdeen and Gilead), then move Carmichael from that division to the Suncoast League.


      Maybe I tried to ram this through too quickly by not commenting on recrods in the beginning and providing an additional proposal.  After I get home tonight, I may reaccess.  If there's any more comments on this please send them to the group, or to me if you don't feel comfortable with that.




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      Hi Outlaws,
      I was just sitting back, relaxing, thinking about the baseball offseason and wondered "Whatever happened to that discussion on realignment? "
      Seemed like a good opportunity for some people to play each other more often.
      Then it seemed that some people were against it, but were not able to articulate why - at least not publicly.
      Then a black hole swallowed everything up and no discussion is getting out of it.
      I have not yet voted on the proposal as I don't think we have all the concerns vetted.
      I would be happy to move the Warthogs to another division or league if it would help get us to a solution everyone would be happy with.
      Looking forward to getting a solution to this issue soon.

      From: Brian Lebeck <bslebeck@yahoo. com>
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      Sent: Saturday, November 1, 2008 11:19:20 PM
      Subject: [outlaws_bb] Realignment Status

      So far, only 8 votes have been cast on the realignment proposal.

      There are currently 3 votes against which suprised me a bit, since no one has indicated, either to me or the group, that they had concerns about the proposal.  Without any hearing any of the negative comments, I'm not sure if we are looking at a concern for this specific proposal, or concern for realignment in general.


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