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478KAS judges.

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  • Bianca della Vittoria
    Apr 3, 2014
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      I have tentaively made assigments but I am sending out one last request for specific types of judges. I am looking for a few judges who are familiar with bookbinding, performing arts (particually comfortable with poetry), and research papers.   The heaviest need is for the bookbinding. I have plenty of judges familiar with clothing, accessories, cooking, metal, wood and leather, fiber arts , flora and fauna and calligraphy and visual arts but if you meet one of the needed areas, please, please let me know if you can judge so I give those entrants in those needed areas get the best feedback possible.

      Thanks again to everyone who stepped up initally to judge and answered my call yesterday. It was a big help. So again just would like a few judges if possible who do bookbinding, poetry and research papers (this mainly to reduce load on exisiting judges, remember these research papers go out to you early so you can read.) 

      In Service,
      Baroness Bianca