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476KAS coming soon

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  • Bianca della Vittoria
    Mar 9, 2014
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      Grettings to the Kingdom of the Outlands,

      Just a reminder that Kingdom Arts and Science is coming soon. I have not received many registrations, so if you know you are entering that or Queens prize please go ahead and submit A.S.A.P so there is not a deluge on the last day.

      Likewise, I could use judges badly. If you can judge, please fill out judges registration form which can be found at http://kmoas.outlands.org/Default.aspx?tabid=470 so I can make sure we have adequate judges for the day. Let me know if you have any questions.  Below are the dead lines and other important information for Queens Prize and for KAS.

      Queen’s Prize
      April 12, 2014
      Shire of Aarquelle
      Held in conjunction with Kingdom A&S

      As the forest home of the Stag is ever renewed by the sapling, so too are the Outlands enriched by those newly come to the practice of Art and Science. To that end, Queen Salomea calls upon all artisans of humble station to seek a patron and to present themselves to vie for Her favour at Her Majesty's Prize Tournament. Further, She charges both those who hold a Grant or Patent in their art and the members of the Order of the Rose to seek out and prepare such budding artisans, that they might come without fear to this noble display and company to show the fruits of their study. 

      Queen's Prize Tournament is a celebration of beginning artisans in the Outlands. While Her Majesty will chose an entry upon which to bestow Her Prize, the purpose of QPT is to share the joy of one's art with others. Entries will not be scored; comments will be available for those who wish feedback.

      Anyone holding a rank lower than a Grant in the Arts or Sciences may enter. Each entrant must be sponsored by either an individual who holds a Grant or higher in the Arts or a Lady of the Rose.

      Please refer to the Rules and Regulations listed below and the Pre-Registration Information accessible through the sidebar.

      Register by using the form in the box on the right. Registration must be completed on or before midnight of March 25, 2014.  Research Papers need to be electronically submitted to the Tournament Coordinator no later than midnight of March 25, 2014.

      Entrant's Duties
      • Must be sponsored by a Master or Mistress of the Laurel, Lady of the Rose or a Flower of the Outlands.
      • Minimal Documentation is required.
      • Entrant does NOT need to be present to enter
      • Entrant is REQUIRED to enjoy the learning and creative process.

      Sponsor's Duties
      • Aid the entrant in getting their project completed and assisting with documentation.
      • Ensure that the entry is set up at the site if the entrant cannot attend.
      • Bring a nice gift ("prize") for an entrant.  One gift per number of person(s) you sponsor, you will be gifting to someone you have not sponsored.
      • Be available at some point throughout the day to admire the entries and provide feedback to the artisans.
      • As this is not a competition, you will NOT be judged.  Commentary sheets will be available to share thoughts and idea but assigned commentary will not be provided. 

      Kingdom A & S Event Announcement
      Hosted by
      Shire of Aarquelle
      April 12, 2014

      Pre-Registration is required for Kingdom A & S.

      Deadline: Friday, March 25, 2014 at midnight

      Kingdom A & S Information

      • Research Papers must be completed and emailed to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences by the competition pre-registration deadline.
      • Entries must be on site and checked in by 9:00 am and ready to be judged by 9:30 am.
      • If you are entering Kingdom A&S for the first time, you will be required to have a sponsor.
      • The sponsor must have participated or judged the Kingdom A&S Competition in the past. The sponsor will be required to guide the entrant by providing information about the entry itself and pros and cons of competing.
      • Documentation is required.
      • Entries must be in a completed state.

      • Competitors must be on site and, preferably, available for questions.

      Rules for Kingdom A& S (subject to change) can be found along with the list of division & categories and pre-registration forms are located on the sidebar of this announcement. If you have any questions about Kingdom A&S, please contact Baroness Bianca della Vittoria by email: artsandsciences@... 

      Event details:


      Note: pre-reservations for site fee only are now available through ACCEPS. This is for site fee only: click on the "Artisans" tab above to learn about artisan and judges registration.

      To pre-register through ACCEPS go to: http://acceps.ansteorra.org/index.php   Select "Outlands" from the list to the right then click "Go To Event Selection" and follow the payment instructions.

      Please Note: per Outlands Kingdom A&S rules all entrants must be paid members.

      Site fees:
          Adults $10
          16 and under $5
          Family cap $20
          Non-Member Surcharge $5

      There is no merchant fee at this event. Contact information for the merchant liaison, will be available shortly— until then please contact the autocrat at OutlandsKAandS2014@....

      The event will be held at the Mountain Park Environmental Center (MPEC) at 9112 Mountain Park Road, Beulah, CO 81023. office phone: 719-485-4444.

      Please note the Shire of Aarquelle has reserved all the rooms in the Lodge. It will be announced on the Outlands' Facebook page, the Outlands' e-mail list, and this website when we open the rooms for reservation. Please do not contact MPEC regarding rooms until we have made this announcement. We are in the process of negotiating for a group discount at a very nice hotel near I 25 exit 94— stay tuned.

      MPEC also has two hostel style dorm rooms each with 15 very comfortable twin– size bed bunk beds. Lodging will be available at $10-$15 per bunk (depending on the number of pre-reservations we have). The dorm rooms are very attractive and have a sitting area with fireplace. They provide a place to sleep on site at an exceptional value. Again, please do not contact MPEC regarding reservations for the dorm rooms. Pre-reservation information will be announced in the near future.

      MPEC is located just 26 miles from the city of Pueblo, Colorado and 70 miles from Colorado Springs.  It is an easy drive on open highways with virtually no traffic once you leave Pueblo.

      Tenative Schedule:
      Please note the schedule remains somewhat tentative at this time
      Friday, April 11, 2014 
      4:30 pm:     Troll opens for those with rooms on-site
      5:30 pm:      Potluck dinner and staff meeting
      6:30 pm:      Troll closes

      Saturday, April 12, 2014

      7:30 am:          Set Up/Artisan Check-in begins
      9:30 am:          Opening Court 
      10:00 am:        Judges Meeting
      10:00 am:        Artisan Check-in ends
      10:30 am:        Judging begins
      11:30 am:        Donation luncheon
      4:00 pm:          Judging ends
      5:00 pm:          Closing Court opens (length of court at TRM's pleasure)
      7:00 pm-ish     Bardic Circle in the Great Hall

      Sunday, April 13, 2014
       8:00 am:       Continental breakfast in the Bear Room for staff and those with rooms in the lodge 
       9:00 am:       Tear down begins
      10:30 am:      Tear down ends — final policing of the site
      11:30 am:      Brunch at Village Inn


                      The A&S website has been updated. Please find updates to the K&AS competition rules, the A&S handbook, divisions and categories and 17 new judging sheets.  All divisions now have their own judging sheets except for the Letters division which has two, one for non-research letters and one for research letters.  Kingdom A&S is in April and I hope many of you will enter and that others will volunteer to judge. 
                      If you are planning to enter, please read over the sheet for your division. It will help you to prepare your documentation for the competition and to know what judges will be looking for. 
                      If you would like to volunteer to be a judge please contact me and let me know. We always need more judges and it helps keep the work load hopefully at a more reasonable amount the more judges we have to help out.  The form you can fill out is found at:
                      It will look like this when you click the link:
      SCA Name (include title and Order):
      Modern Name:
      E-mail Address:
      Phone Number:
      List of Categories/Subject(s) you're qualified to judge:
      Number of times have you judged a Kingdom A&S competition?:
                      Email it back to: artsandsciences@...
                      Likewise, if you are an artisan go to this link:
          The form will look like this:
      Artisan SCA Name:
      Artisan Modern Name:
      Artisan E-mail Address:
      Artisan Phone Number:
      Artisan Membership #:
      Category (if Known):
      Item Being Entered:
      Item description:
      Additional space needed or special needs for entry?:
      Are you entering for overall Kingdom A & S champion?:
      Is this the first time entering Kingdom A&S Competition?:
      If Yes, Name and contact information of your sponsor:
      Email it back to: artsandsciences@...
                      Please use one of these for each entry. So if you have a hat, an embroidered pouch and a salmon tart that you are entering, each will require it very own entry form.  Even if you have multiple items in the same division, for example a Viking dress, an Elizabethan doublet, and a14th century kirtle, each must have a separate entry form. This has not always been the case and it makes it very hard to decipher your entries if they are not clearly delineated. When it is done with each having a separate registration, it gives us a better idea of the space we needed, (and also to make sure the site allows for all the entries), enables me to assign judges without confusion and lets me know for sure how many entries someone has.
      You can enter as many items as you like but remember, after the requirement for champion, if you are entering for champion; it is not quantity that matters but quality and care.  Enter your best pieces that show your workmanship and document those pieces to best show your research and work. However if you are a new artisan don’t be afraid to show your pieces.  You may be surprised how well your work is received and you can also get constructive feedback to further improve your work. No matter your skill lever, don’t be afraid to enter. Just enter the best work you are doing at this point in your art.
      Queen’s prize is also held at KAS.  The link is: http://kmoas.outlands.org/Default.aspx?tabid=623 you can register with the form on the right at: http://kmoas.outlands.org/Default.aspx?tabid=625.
      Queen's Prize Tournament is a celebration of beginning artisans in the Outlands. While Her Majesty will chose an entry upon which to bestow Her Prize, the purpose of QPT is to share the joy of one's art with others. Entries will not be scored; comments will be available for those who wish feedback.
      Anyone holding a rank lower than a Grant in the Arts or Sciences may enter. Each entrant must be sponsored by either an individual who holds a Grant or higher in the Arts or a Lady of the Rose.
      Please read the duties of the entrant and the sponsors at: http://kmoas.outlands.org/Default.aspx?tabid=1279
      I hope everyone checks out the new forms and that they prove to be an improvement over the previous ones which had been used for quite a few years and that many had expressed dissatisfaction with.  I think they are going to be a positive thing that will make for a better experience both for the artisans and the judges.
      In Service,
      Baroness Bianca della Vittoria