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A World of Dance- Dance Collegium

Greetings Dancers from your very excited autocrat! Dance Collegium is two weeks away! We have a lot of great things lined up for this event, including dance
Mar 14

Known World Poetry Contest

For those of you going to Pennsic this year, this may be of interest: Greetings! For the last several years, we have held the Known World Poetry Competition at
Bianca della Vittoria
May 1, 2014

Guess who one the Queen's Prize?

I also wanted to mention that the Queens Prize was awarded to Rian Mac an Gobhann for his wonderful bench! I hope everyone got a chance to see it!
Bianca della Vittoria
Apr 13, 2014

Don't Forget Kingdom A&S and Queens Prize are this weekend!

Just a reminder that Kingdom Arts and Sciences and Queens Prize will be held this weekend in the Shire of Aarquelle. 18 people are registered for the A&S
Bianca della Vittoria
Apr 7, 2014

KAS judges.

I have tentaively made assigments but I am sending out one last request for specific types of judges. I am looking for a few judges who are familiar with
Bianca della Vittoria
Apr 3, 2014

(no subject)

Greetings, If you are going to Kingdom Arts and Sciences and are not entered, or already signed up to judge, I could use some more judges. Please let me know
Bianca della Vittoria
Apr 2, 2014

KAS coming soon

Grettings to the Kingdom of the Outlands, Just a reminder that Kingdom Arts and Science is coming soon. I have not received many registrations, so if you know
Bianca della Vittoria
Mar 9, 2014

A&S reminder, reports due and quarltery going out soon

Greeting everyone First to the local arts and sciences officers , just a reminder that you reports are due no later than tomorrow the 10th. Make sure you have
Bianca della Vittoria
Mar 9, 2014

Gulf War A&S information

Greetings everyone, please find below A&S information for Gulf Wars. Please feel free to cross post to relevant lists.   Greetings unto the Known World
Bianca della Vittoria
Feb 17, 2014

A&S page updates and information

The A&S website has been updated. Please find updates to the KAS competition rules, the A&S handbook, divisions and categories and 17 new judging sheets . All
Bianca della Vittoria
Feb 3, 2014

February Dance Practice

Greetings! The next dance class is scheduled (and with more than one week's notice!). I know it's early, but I hope you can join me for some fun times and new
Jan 17, 2014

Northern Outlands Dance, Sunday, 11/24/13 from 5-7pm at CSU's Fi

November Dance Practice, 5-7pm November 24th at CSU Field House in Fort Collins, CO: Come for a fun day of fighting, dancing and fun! This month's dance
Nov 12, 2013

Court Dancing on Mondays

Good Populace, Court Daning occurs every Monday night at 7 pm at the Aquinas Newman Center at UNM. All levels of experience are welcomed to attend.
Adam Hathaway
Oct 20, 2013

Northern Outlands Dance Practice, this Saturday from 1-4pm

Greetings Dancers! This Saturday from 1-4pm will be the next northern Dance practice. Since some of the Baronies asked if we could have dance closer to them
Oct 15, 2013

Come support Court dancing class -- at al-Barran fighter practice, 1

Greetings to all Court Dancers, We hope you will join Mistress Catriona, who will be teaching court dancing, and us at al-Barran Fighter Practice at 12:30 on
Krege, Barbara B
Oct 11, 2013
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