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A little prep for the Design Review meeting this Thursday 8/9

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  • Mark Wainwright
    Hello everyone - Just thought I d catch everyone up on the meeting last week and make a few suggestions for the Early Design Guidance meeting happening this
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2007
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      Hello everyone -

      Just thought I'd catch everyone up on the meeting last week and make a
      few suggestions for the Early Design Guidance meeting happening this
      Thursday 8/9 at the SW Police Precinct.

      The meeting last Thursday at the Charlestown Cafe went well. The
      proposed tenant is still Petco working with the same developer, Madison
      Development out of Kirkland. The architecture firm is now Sienna
      Architecture. Their big office is in Portland, but they also have a
      Seattle office. Fairly new to Seattle, but they have some good work.

      The project design is, in a word, better. Not being super familiar with
      the leading edge of pet store design, this new design may have the
      potential to be Petco's nicest store. That said...

      The main message at the meeting was to "keep our eyes on the prize",
      which is still fighting for "the best" for our community. Whether that
      means keeping the Charlestown Café as-is, or working for a better
      development that would offer a new home to the Café, additional
      retail, and possibly some (much needed) housing options, we still don't

      So to continue saying what we've been saying all along, here are my
      suggestions for comments (if you'll be there) at this Thursday's

      1. We want the best thing for our neighborhood. What the Charlestown
      Café represents to our community won't be replaced by a big Petco
      store or by many other large retailers who could go there. Whatever
      happens on that site, we want it to make our community better.

      2. The landowner and developer have not been responsive to our many
      requests to meet and talk about the project. The project does not exist
      "on an island" - it has value and importance because of the surrounding
      community, so the community has an inherent stake in what happens there.

      3. Lastly, when and if we do meet with the project stakeholders, we've
      been hard at work assembling smart people with good ideas about what
      could happen there. We haven't driven a stake into the ground and said
      "we don't want anything to change", because we understand how
      unrealistic that would be. We've been working to come up with our own
      ideas about the kind of changes we'd like to see there.

      Please try to attend the meeting and voice your concerns. We need to
      continue our efforts to keep our neighborhood a great place.

      A big thanks should go out to the many people who have helped with this
      effort. I'm confident that we, as a community, are doing the right


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