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FW: Your PETCO Inquiry # 631582

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  • davgg@comcast.net
    Here s PETCO s response to my 2/22 email to them. Dave Gardner ... From: To: Subject: Your PETCO Inquiry
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2007
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      Here's PETCO's response to my 2/22 email to them.

      Dave Gardner

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      Subject: Your PETCO Inquiry # 631582
      Date: Tue, 1 May 2007 20:06:54 +0000
      > Dear Mr. Gardner,
      > Thank you for including PETCO in your correspondence attempting to sway
      > the outcome of property where the Charlestown Caf� currently operates.
      > It is obvious that you have a passion for the community.
      > PETCO shares that same passion for every community where we have a
      > store. In our West Seattle store, we employ 20 associates, some of whom
      > have been with us for 20 years and in fact, our store has been there for
      > just as long. In addition to all the services we offer pets such as
      > grooming, photography, low cost vaccinations and obedience training, we
      > host field trips for area school children and have helped countless
      > animals find new adoptive families through our partnerships with Perfect
      > Pals and Greyhound Pets. The location of our current store is no longer
      > an option for us as that property owner sold the parking lot and it
      > doesn't meet code for retail any longer.
      > We've not signed a lease for any new properties yet; we only know we'll
      > be moving. We have no say as to what the landlord of the caf� does with
      > the property.
      > Again, we respect and appreciate your passion for the future of a
      > restaurant you obviously care a great deal about. Regardless of where
      > our store moves to, we hope you understand our connection and commitment
      > to the communities where our store and our associates live. We strive to
      > enrich the lives of pets and their families and to strengthen the
      > human/animal bond.
      > Sincerely,
      > Michele S.
      > Contact Center Supervisor
      > At PETCO, Animals Always Come First... Our People Make it Happen!
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      > Posted At: Thursday, February 22, 2007 10:41 AM
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      > First Name: david
      > Last Name: gardner
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      > City: seattle
      > State: WA
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      > Subject: OtherConcern
      > Message: To: Tom Farello, Director of Operations
      > We are writing to express our strong objections to the proposed
      > displacement of the Charlestown Street Cafe in West Seattle. This has
      > been an enormously popular restaurant serving families and seniors for
      > 16 years and it is scheduled to be demolished and replaced with a big
      > box Petco store. Aside from the fact that Petco would be out of keeping
      > with the neighborhood (there are only small, mom and pop stores in the
      > vicinity), its loss would diminsh the options of those looking for good
      > food at reasonable prices without having to travel out of the area. The
      > CSC owners have been responsible and generous community members; their
      > loss would be a loss to all of us. Here in Seattle we are designated an
      > "urban village"; villages are small, close-knit communities and CSC fits
      > in perfectly. We don't need a Petco, a store which is already ideally
      > located in the Alaska Junction, a mile away. We DO need our Charlestown
      > Street Cafe. And please keep in mind that you will be creating tremen!
      > dous resentment towards Petco by kicking out CSC.
      > David and Debra Gardner
      > West Seattle
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