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Re: Looks like we're moving on to Chapter 2!

I realize that the WS Senior Center in the Junction just remodeled a couple of years ago, but let¹s consider the possibility of having the Senior Center as
Dave Gardner
Mar 2, 2008

Some thoughts about the Charlestown - Chapter 2

I was quite relieved to hear that the Charlestown will be staying put in some form. While I would prefer only the Charlestown on the site, I would suggest some
Mar 2, 2008

Looks like we're moving on to Chapter 2!

Hello all - A source in the local real estate biz has confirmed with me that the Petco deal is officially dead. They have abandoned their project and have
Mark Wainwright
Feb 27, 2008

Re: article about Charlestown staying open

For anyone looking for more details on the latest development regarding the cafe's future -- We reported this on our daily-news website (West Seattle Blog)
Feb 6, 2008


I saw a paid ad (but no article) in this week's West Seattle Herald announcing that the Charlestown is staying put. Good news, and I commend Petco for backing
Feb 6, 2008

good news

Petco has given up! The Charlestown will stay until ??? Read the thank you letter in the restaurant entry. YEA!!! Gary
Feb 5, 2008

California Ave. rezone proposal meeting 11/29 WSHS 6:30

Hello - This is not related to the Charlestown Cafe/Petco project, as the proposed rezone is essentially between Hanford and Hines along California Ave., but I
Mark Wainwright
Nov 20, 2007

We're still alive...

Hello everyone - I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that I (we) are still out here and awaiting any future updates concerning the Charlestown
Mark Wainwright
Nov 20, 2007

Re: A New Big Box

You both make good points. The zoning of these particular areas allow for certain size retail/commercial spaces. In the Junction, the NC3 zone allows for
    Mark Wainwright
    Aug 30, 2007
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    Re: A New Big Box

    Well, if we're going to have a "big box" store, the Junction is the place to put it. At least it won't be in a neighborhood. Dave Gardner ... From: "rwestad"
      Aug 30, 2007
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      A New Big Box

      I just noticed that an Office Depot store is going into the W.S. Junction (at 42nd Ave and Alaska across from Jefferson Square). If there is no opposition to
      Aug 30, 2007

      WS Herald: California Ave. Petco design questioned

      Comment: Here's the most recent article from the West Seattle Herald. ... Story: California Ave. Petco design questioned Design disagreements between a
      Aug 22, 2007

      Wow! What a great meeting!

      Hello all! I wasn't able to make it to the second Early Design Guidance meeting for the Petco/Charlestown Cafe project, but from the report in the West Seattle
      Mark Wainwright
      Aug 14, 2007

      A little prep for the Design Review meeting this Thursday 8/9

      Hello everyone - Just thought I'd catch everyone up on the meeting last week and make a few suggestions for the Early Design Guidance meeting happening this
      Mark Wainwright
      Aug 6, 2007

      Community Meeting Thursday 8/2 at the Charlestown Cafe

      Hello all - The next step in the City's Design Review process has been announced! The second Early Design Guidance meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 9th
      Mark Wainwright
      Jul 27, 2007
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