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Plastic Crimewave/Ultimate VAG in DC, Friday 6/8

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  • Scott Verrastro
    Clavius Productions presents Thee Ultimate VAG meets Thee Uncomfortable Pricks: Friday, June 8 Velvet Lounge 915 U St NW WDC http://www.velvetloungedc.com 9pm,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2007
      Clavius Productions presents Thee Ultimate VAG meets Thee Uncomfortable Pricks:

      Friday, June 8
      Velvet Lounge
      915 U St NW WDC
      9pm, $8, 21+

      Plastic Crimewave Sound (Eclipse, from Chicago, heavy brain-frying space-punk fuzz-rock a la Hawkwind, Chrome, Stooges, Comets on Fire, Spacemen 3, etc)
      Howdy Duty Band (old-school boogie-rock a la Canned Heat, featuring the legendary Max Ochs!)
      Thee Ultimate VAG (guitar/percussion improv duo, mem. of Kohoutek/To Live and Shave in L.A.)
      The Uncomfortable pricks (psych/noise-rock from Cleveland, mem. of Thee Scarcity of Tanks/Terminal Lovers/Prisonshake)

      Plastic Crimewave Sound

      "Plastic Crimewave Sound is something like the musical analogue to the Galactic Zoo Dossier fanzine, and their first single 'Grade Ceased,' is about what you’d hope for from that connection. It is loud, crude psychedelic sludge, with heavily amped and effected guitars slicing through the swamps of midnight, with vocals buried in tanks of Japanese laughing gas, and rhythms sliding along like moist candy dropped from the lips of Alan Vega." (The Wire, 2003)

      "A wonderful ball of scuzz that will drag you down the psychedelic path to self-destruction, smashing your face into a CAN the whole ride. Dirty dirges of sound swirling around my head, start to make me worry who may be watching me through the windows and I start to see little glass spiders running up and down my arms in a paranoid haze. Mr. Crimewave has done an excellent job with the record, and if you have ever had re-occurring nightmares from too much cough syrup, then this will be the tasty dish you’ve waited for your whole life." (Horizontal Action, 2003)

      4-5 piece spacepunk unit lauded in Mojo, Wire, Julian Cope's Head Heritage, etc. Plastic Crimewave also does the Galactic Zoo Dossier mag, soundscape duo Goldblood, Secret History of Chicago Music strip and radio show, Million Tongues Festivals, sits in with ensembles like Scarcity of Tanks and DRMWPN, yadda yadda. Mark Lux was in the formative Temple of Bon Matin and twiddles knobs with Folk and Violence. Nick Myers also heads up street toughs Vee Dee. Lawrence Peters does everything, including swell country bands like Hardscrabble and the Lawrence Peters Outfit. Andy Ortmann is Panicsville, runs the fine Nihilist label, and does a zillion other sick things. Releases: "Flashing Open" (Eclipse LP and Rocket CD), "No Wonderland" (Eclipse 2LP), split 12" with Oneida (Brah/Jagjaguwar), debut 45 'Grade Ceased" (Captain Spazz) and split w/ Michael Yonkers 45 (Capt. Spazz) upcoming LP on Eclipse 2007...has toured with: Acid Mothers Temple, Oneida, The Ponys, Comets on Fire, Josephine Foster and the Supposed, Pearls and Brass, Gris Gris, Miminokoto and upcoming with Simply Saucer!

      Played shows with: Zolar X, Bardo Pond, Spectrum, Sky Saxon and the Seeds, The Creation, Trad Gras Och Stenar, Michael Yonkers, Wolf Eyes, Kinski, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Kevin Coyne, Fursaxa, Espers, Charalambides, Black Dice, Six Organs of Admittance, No Neck Blues Band, etc.

      Howdy Duty Band

      Max Ochs' Canned Heat-style boogie-rock band, featuring members of Maryland's early '70s underground rock scene (these guys were around when George Brigman and Orange Wedge were hangin' around Charm City). Some info on Max for the uninitiated:


      Max Ochs was featured on the very first Takoma Records compilation, Contemporary Guitar, Spring '67, and has since been criminally unrecorded. He was born in Baltimore, is Phil Ochs' cousin, was responsible for turning Robbie Basho on to folk music, and played in the seminal, if obscure, ESP raga band Seventh Sons. Admittedly enamored with Pete Seeger, Ochs until recently operated Annapolis' 333 Coffeehouse, where he occasionally performed. More information on Max can be found in this interview:


      Thee Ultimate VAG

      Dreamy moonlit melodies as imagined by axeslinger Chris Grier (To Live and Shave in L.A./Sean McArdle Band/ex-Mungo Jerry) and skinpounder Scott Verrastro (Kohoutek/Insect Factory/Sequence Chair/ex-Falco). Setting a course for the heartland of America, this duo contructs ribald ditties derived from ancient Romanian ballads translated to these modern, not-so-chaste times. Bring your lambskin.

      The Uncomfortable Pricks

      Scarcity of Tanks is a fluid and changing group of fellow sound investigators formed in 2004 by Matthew Wascovich. For the End Times II fest, SOT included Steve Plastic Crimewave, Matt Hartman (Sic Alps/Coachwhips), Chris Davis (Cherry Blossoms), Sam Goldberg, Chris Smith (Keelhaul), and a surprise guest.

      "Scarcity of Tanks. I don't know. I guess it seems not dark so much, but mysterious and imaginative. Yeah, it really seems mysterious, kind of like when you're dreaming and not having to wake up until you're ready. That's what the images do for me." -Jack Brewer/Saccharine Trust

      Scarcity of Tanks have recordings released, or forthcoming, from Slow Toe Records, Textile Records, Folding Cassettes, and Phase! Records.

      Upcoming Clavius events:

      Sunday 6/10 @ Warehouse Next Door: Donkey (experimental synth composition from LA)/Bonnie Jones & Andy Hayleck/SKIF (of the N-Collective)/Myo 8:30pm, $8

      Monday 6/11 @ Warehouse Next Door: These Are Powers (ex-Liars/No Things/Knife Skills)/Sons of Guns (ex-Snuff Project/Measles Mumps Rubella)/The Amoeba Men (spazzy no-wave from Richmond) 8:30pm, $7

      Tuesday 6/12 @ 611 Florida: Madagascar (instrumental gypsy folk)/Lord Fyre (mem. of John Wilkes Booze)/Normanoak (mem. of Impossible Shapes, Secretly Canadian)/The Horns of Happiness (mem. of Impossible Shapes, Secretly Canadian)/Ryan Jewell (experimental percussion from Columbus OH) 8pm, $5 suggested donation

      Thursday 6/14 @ Velvet Lounge: Blowfly (the legendary dirty rapper!)/La Otracina (Holy Mountain)/Plums/Pup Tent 9pm, $8

      Friday 6/15 @ 101 Harvard St, Alexandria: Jack Wright/Agnes Palier/Olivier Toutlemonde (avant-improv sax/vocals/percussion trio from US/France)/Layne Garrett (of Cuterst Puppy in the World)/Isaac Linder (experimental percussion on one cymbal) 8pm, $5 suggested donation

      Sunday 6/17 @ Warehouse Next Door: Kohoutek/Warmer Milks (Troubleman, psych from Lexington KY)/Ospreys (cello/electronics duo from Philly)/Barkitecture/Jason Simon (of Dead Meadow) 8:30pm, $8

      Tuesday 6/19 @ Warehouse Theater: Alash Ensemble (Tuvan throat singers!) with Marshall Allen (of Sun Ra Arkestra!), Elliott Levin, and Other Extra-Terrestrial Guests 8pm, $15

      Thursday 6/21 @ Warehouse Next Door: Forbes Graham (experimental trumpet, ex-Kayo Dot)/Insect Factory/FFFF's 8:30pm, $7

      Sunday 6/24 @ Velvet Lounge: Dynamite Club/The Late Severa Wires (experimental noise rock from New Mexico)/Twilight Memories of the Three Suns (mem. of Piasa) 9pm, $8

      Thursday 6/28 @ Warehouse Next Door: Francisco Lopez (sound artist from Spain)/Violet/LSD-March (Japanese psych) 8:30pm, $10

      Friday 7/6 @ 611 Florida: Mike Tamburo (Music Fellowship)/Nick Schillace (Primitive American fingerpicker from Detroit)/Tunnels (solo experimental guitar, mem. of Jackie-O Motherfucker)/Acre/Yellow Crystal Star (psychedelic guitar noise symphonies from Tallahassee FL)/Black History Moth (percussion drone) 8pm, $5 suggested donation

      Tuesday 7/10 @ Velvet Lounge: Ol' Scratch (VA sludge/doom)/Palace in Thunderland (stoner rock from MA)/Bundy (DC thrash-punk) 9pm, $7

      Wednesday 7/11 @ Velvet Lounge: Kohoutek/Avarus (Finnish psych, Secret Eye)/Manbeard (mem. of Black Forest Black Sea/Kites/Urdog) 9pm, $8

      Thursday 7/12 @ Velvet Lounge: Richard Pinhas Trio (of legendary French prog/psych band Heldon!)/Insect Factory 9pm, $12

      Sunday 7/22 @ Tides Within (NYC sludge/doom)/Stifling (bass/drums sludge duo, ex-Valkyrie)

      Thursday 7/26 @ 611 Florida: Thee Ultimate VAG/Neg-Fi/This Is My Condition/FFFFs 8pm, $5 suggested donation

      Friday 7/27 @ Velvet Lounge: Wooly Mammoth/Rwake (Relapse)/Darsombra (ex-Meatjack)/Hull

      Saturday 7/28 @ Velvet Lounge: Donny Hue & the Colors (CD release)/Marshall Costan (ex-Mazarin) 9pm, $7

      Thursday 8/16 @ Velvet Lounge: Capillary Action/Zdrastvootie (Holy Mountain, CA experimental/prog rock) 9pm, $8

      Friday 8/17 @ 611 Florida: Fat Worm of Error (ex-Caroliner, Load Records) 9pm, $5 suggested donation

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