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DMBQ/Apes on Friday, Birds of Delay/Emeralds at 611 on Sunday

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  • Scott Verrastro
    Friday, June 1 The Hosiery 443 I St NW WDC 8pm, $8, all ages DMBQ (from Japan, Estrus Records) The Apes (Birdman) Food For Animals (DC hip-hop) DMBQ
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2007
      Friday, June 1
      The Hosiery
      443 I St NW WDC
      8pm, $8, all ages

      DMBQ (from Japan, Estrus Records)
      The Apes (Birdman)
      Food For Animals (DC hip-hop)


      No discussion of the Tokyo underground scene would be complete without mentioning DMBQ. They are the missing link between the much-divided Japanese noise, alternative music and garage-rock scenes. Their hard-rock/psychedelic-based music, infused with elements of noise and free improvisation, still unleashes an unstoppable power to embrace the whole spectrum of underground music.

      DMBQ was formed around 1988 in Sapporo. By 1990, the band relocated to Tokyo and engaged in genreless activities, with Guitar Wolf, Boredoms and their family, Buffalo Daughter, Merzbow, and Violent Onsen Geisha, etc... Their sound, which was a complete deviation from the trend at the time, stood out in the local music scene and the band began to garner respect, especially from musicians. They released their first album in 1995 and were soon attracting more and more followers. The band continued to release albums on a regular basis#12288; and in 1999, they moved to a major label, Parco/Columbia. In 2001, after 3 albums, they released a remix album, Resonated, featuring old friends Buffalo Daughter and EYE (Boredoms), etc. The following year, they signed a new record deal with Avex Trax, Japan's biggest major record label. They have released 2 albums since then. DMBQ has also performed with many overseas artists, sharing the stage at major rock festivals such as Fuji Rock Festival and Summer Sonic. They have toured the country supporting the likes of J.S.B.X., Fugazi, AxCx, Mudhoney, The Dirtbombs, Bob Log III, and 20 miles, etc.

      Masuko is a well-known music/subculture writer. He has regular columns in several magazines.

      The Apes

      The Apes emerged from the wet, heavy jungle of Washington, DC in 1999 to command the rock subculture. Their modus: uniting great warlords, absorbing rogue factions, and educating red-handed guerilla bands with a passionately wayward rock signal.

      Propelled by Erick Jackson's burning, fur-lined bass growls, Amanda Kleinman's horny and celestial banshee organ, and Jeff Schmid's iron-chest-of-cocaine drums, throat chieftain Breck Brunson (ably picking up where previous vocalists Paul Weil and Joe Halladay left off) channels the kaleidoscopic eye and children's black tears into the hearts of all. This overdriven rock assault drives forward as tales of conquest, social alienation, and a perverse spiritual kinship with the universe become trance-inducing incantations. Great armies of spectators prostrate themselves; the overcrowded brains of headphone astronauts are penetrated. Ultimately, a shared enthusiasm for the new aesthetic treasures of Ape magic and sound fury overtakes all.


      Clavius Productions presents:

      Sunday, June 3
      611 Florida Avw NW WDC
      8pm, $5 suggested donation
      202-360-9739 for info

      Birds of Delay (UK heavy drone)
      Emeralds (drone-psych from OH)
      Jason Simon (of Dead Meadow)
      Plain Lace (solo experimental guitar from DC)

      Birds of Delay

      Birds of Delay is the duo of Steven Warwick and Luke Younger. The Birds have blossomed into one of the best offerings from the UK noise scene, with a prolific outpouring of material, through a never-ending list of labels, including Chocolate Monk and American Tapes, and their continually evolving live performances. While their sound is underpinned by some almighty drones, the pair bring out an ever-changing array of instruments and electronic trickery to create some of the most intrciately rendered "noise" around.

      Last seen in Cambridge in combination with Knifestorm in support of Magik Markers for crushing death and grief.


      Stoned strum droner vocal spells from Ohio. On that TV game show "Press Your Luck" some contestant tape recorded some episodes on his VCR at home, watched them in slow motion and figured out the pattern of the board so as to not hit a WHAMMY. He raked in tons of dough. Smart guy. (Fag Tapes)

      Cleveland's answer to LaMonte Young without all the ego and bad old-man "I created everything" vibes. The best drone "band" working in the states right now –- Skaters are still in Europe right? Dreamy and raw at the same time. Very mellow. Very spacious. Very good. Midwest again." (Brokenresearch)

      "These midwest druggies really know what they are doing...Guitar synths, and tape hallucinations that sound like they could maybe be an unedited ULTRA recording. Fans of the surreal sound of Nurse With Wound and company should check these boys out..." (Hanson)

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