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Red Room FRIDAY: Jon Bennett / Ben Bennett / Jack Wright + Matthews / Radding / Drury

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    Friday, December 8th, 8:30, $6 The Red Room present one of the most exciting concerts of the year, and a lot more experimental music than your expect for $6!,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2006
      Friday, December 8th, 8:30, $6

      The Red Room present one of the most exciting concerts of the year, and a lot more experimental music than your expect for $6!, with--

      Rotty What:
      Jack Wright (sax)
      John Bennett (words)
      Ben Bennett (drums)


      Reuben Radding (double bass)
      Wade Matthews (base clarinet)
      Andrew Drury (percussion) trio

      (also, don't miss Andrew Hayleck record release on Thursday at True Vine, see below...)

      Friday Night: Too much goodness! OK, so Jack Wright is the legendary free-music saxophonist who revolutionized the genre in North America, must be heard to be believe what subtlety and strangeness this man coaxes from his horn; Here playing backup to Jon Bennett, one of the countries most fascinating and perverse language poets and his son, Ben Bennett on drums. Should be amazing, and a rare chance to see Wright and Bennett (who have collaborated for years) interact.

      Also on the bill, and equally great trio with NYC monster bassist Rueben Radding, the incredibly subtle bass clarinetist Wade Matthews (from Spain), and Andrew Drury, an amazing percussionist. Either set by itself would be a meal of fascination, together they are unbeatable!

      More About the Performers:

      Reuben Radding was born in Washington DC to a family of classical musicians, and relocated to New York City in 1988 where he studied contrabass with Mark Dresser and quickly became a busy stalwart of the downtown/improv scene. His powerful sound and sensitive listening has contributed to countless ensembles ranging from Jazz, to Classical, as well as ethnic genres, and he has been featured on over 40 recordings on labels such as Leo Records, AUM Fidelity, Tzadik, Clean Feed, and Knitting Factory Works. reubenradding.com

      American improviser, composer and author, Wade Matthews, has been living in Madrid, Spain, since 1989. Besides his solo concerts, he performs in duo with Toulouse-based dancer Val�rie M�tivier and with Norwegian percussionist, Ingar Zach, as well as one-offs with innumerable improvisers in concerts and festivals throughout the world (New York, Paris, Madrid, London, Berlin, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Beirut, Montevideo, Los Angeles, Oslo, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Toulouse, etc.). Recent activities include two performances at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, at the Annual Festival of the International Society for Computer Music, and at the Reina Sof�a Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid. Matthews earned his Doctor of Musical Arts from Columbia University in New York, where he studied composition and electronic music with Mario Davidovsky, writing his dissertation on improvisation guided by electronic sounds. Previous studies include woodwinds with Joe Allard at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. In 2003 he received a commission from the French Government (Commande d'Etat) to create a work exploring the possible relations between acoustic instruments and various techniques of phonography. The work, titled Lieux, was premiered at the festival Rencontres de Musique et Quotidien Sonor in southern France in May, 2004. website

      Described as "a thoughtfully avant-garde drummer and composer" (Nate Chinen, New York Times) Andrew Drury grew up near Seattle, studied drum set with Ed Blackwell at Wesleyan University, and works primarily in free improvisation and avant-jazz, with occasional forays into rock, pop, new music, and ethnic genres.Drury�s work in free improvisation (and increasingly in other genres) is characterized by the exploration of unconventional techniques for acoustic sound production, such as scraping drum heads with piano wire or slivers of bamboo, blowing into drums, and using a drum as an acoustic filter and resonator for vibrations produced by other objects. In North America he has performed or recorded with Jack Wright, Wally Shoup, Wadada Leo Smith, Mazen Kerbaj, Christine and Sharif Sehnaoui, Nate Wooley, Jane Rigler, Peggy Lee, Dylan Vander Schyff, John Tchicai, Sean Meehan, and others. In Europe he has worked with Michel Doneda, Ly Than Tien, Sebastien Cirotteau, Wade Matthews, Ingar Zach, Ernesto and Guilherme Rodrigues, Manuel Mota, Ferran Fages, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, and others. andrewdrury.com

      ROTTY WHAT: This trio explores how words are not music and neither is music. Two old men babble, one with twisted words, the other with twisted saxophone sounds, while somebody's son crashes around on a drumkit. John Bennett, the non-poet, and Jack Wright, the saxophone mangler, began cohabiting a similar space in 1986, when they performed and produced a video where Jack "danced" and cavorted while John ranted about his socks and a piece of ham. A visionary Baltimorean, Dr. Al Ackerman once said "According to Bennett the most primal and spasmodic symbols of mythology are appearance, knob and chair. Bennett moves from the elementary symbols of appearance to the rich world of "fast nook", and along the way he produces a hind and revelation capable of refreshening your own sweet memory of how great it used to feel to suddenly take an ice pick to the freezer coils of your neighbor�s Frigidaire... & etc.". About Jack he says every time he sees him: "Do you still harbor a parrot in your pants??" Both these guys have stuffed tons of books and recordings into their closet over the last 25 years, in case you need to hear that validation. So you have been warned... johnmbennett.net - springgardenmusic.com


      Hayleck Record Release Party (True Vine Record Store)
      Also a quick note, the day before Thursday, at The true Vine in Hampden, don't miss the release of Andrew Haylecks new LP on the EHSE label, "Two Gong / Wire Pieces" 9PM with Beaver (Montreal), Andrew Hayleck (gong), Liz King (songster), Snacks (Baltimore).

      =========================================The Red Room
      c/o. Normals Books and Records
      425 E. 31st Street


      The Red Room: expanding the definition of expanding the definition.

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