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Kid Tiger and films curated by Megan McShea this weekend

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  • Ian Nagoski
    The True Vine 1123 W 36th St Baltimore MD 21211 410-235-4500 Friday October 7, 9PM KID TIGER a small ensemble of quiet songs with an opening set by a young
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      The True Vine
      1123 W 36th St Baltimore MD 21211

      Friday October 7, 9PM
      KID TIGER a small ensemble of quiet songs
      with an opening set by a young woman (whose name I spaced on, sorry)
      playing acoustic guitar and singing

      Sunday October 9, 8PM
      True Vine film series curated by Megan McShea
      Great short films about wandering the earth, including:
      Walking from Munich to Berlin (Oskar Fischinger, 1930)
      Rain (Joris Ivens,1929)
      Movies of Local People (H. Lee Waters, c. 1930s)
      Doldrums (Rudy Burkhardt, 1972)
      Notebook (Marie Menken, c. 1960)
      Yellow Horse (Bruce Baille, 1965; music by Pat Smith)
      LMNO (Robert Breer, 1978)
      Mosquitoes and High Water (Center for New Media, 1983)

      Friday October 14, 9PM
      BO LE DA
      beer and electronics

      Saturday October 15, 9PM
      the sensuous men of Baltimore performance

      Thursday October 20, 9PM
      THE PLACES (Amy Anelle of NYC)
      HUMAN BELL (Dave Heumann and Nathan Bell)
      and probably a third act

      CDS NEWLY ARRIVED (most of them just in this morning)
      Radio Pyongyang: Commie Funk and Agit Pop from the Hermit Kingdom
      (Sublime Frequencies) new! $14
      Guitars of the Golden Triangle: Folk and Pop Music of Myanmar, vol
      2 (Sublime Frequencies) new! the hotly-anticipated sequal to the
      all-time greatest SubFreq release, Princess Nicotine. $14
      Choubi Choubi: Folk and Pop Sounds from Iraq (Sublime Frequencies)
      new! $14
      American Primitive vol 2: Prewar Revenants, 1897-1939 (Revenant)
      new! $30 2CD sequel to the Pre-War Gospel release (from which we
      took the name for our shop). Like the first installment, this one
      was compiled by the late John Fahey. Includes performances by
      William Harris, the Nugrape Twins, Geeshie Wiley (all four of her
      sides, including the numbingly beautiful "Last Kind Words"), Elvie
      Thomas (amazing!), Otto Virgial and many others.
      Micah Blue Smaldone - Hither and Thither (Northeast Indie) $12
      brand new release by the Maine-based singer of craggly, murder-
      hearted, misty-eyed old-time plunk. highly recommended.
      Rodd Keith - Saucers in the Sky (Roaratorio) new! $13 26
      previously unreleased tunes about go-go girlies, LSD ("is not for
      me! I don't want my mind blown!"), spaceships, and waitresses "more
      desirable than lettuce," the lowest songwriter on the totempole of
      the 60s music business, but one of the most profoundly brilliant. We
      are proud to be your Rodd Keith headquarters.
      Let's Go: Joe Meek's Girls! (RPM) $18
      Antena - Camino del Sol (Numero) $18 finally back in stock! if we
      could just keep this in stock, Jason would like to play it each and
      every one of you. Creamy, new European pop with more flavor than,
      say, Stereolab, or any other band that comes to mind...
      Morton Feldman - Triadic Memories (Long Arms) $16 appearantly
      released in 2003 and recorded in 1992, an intense Russian solo piano
      performance of one of the composer's most alarming and gorgeous late

      Fe-mail - Voluptuous Vultures (PsychForm) new $14 brand new 10"
      by the Norwegian digital noise duo. Cover shows them mugging among
      roccoco chintz.
      Emil Beaulieau - America's Greatest Noise (RRR) new 2LP $20 front
      cover: smiling and the American flag. back cover: Whitehouse,
      Hijokaidan and CCCC records being stepped on. indicative song
      title: "Any Moron Can Make Noise Music." questions?
      Uncle Jim - Superstars of Greenwich Meantime (Abduction) new $18 a
      new Sun City Girls release for all intents and purposes, this one
      centers around Alan Bishop's Hunter Thompson-meets-William Blake beat-
      conspiracy character Uncle Jim.
      The Sea Donkeys - Volume 1 (Abduction) new $16 let's let the cat
      out of the bag before we skin it. Sea Donkeys are a weird
      performance-and-recording group led by JASON GLOVER of Seattle, WA,
      late of of Newark, DE (during which time he and I were roommates,
      best friends and bandmates) and Witchita, KS. So, "anonymous" my
      eye. We just got it today, but if it's anything like everything else
      J's ever done, it's probably sinister, annoying, drunk, trickstery
      and totally brilliant.
      Alvarius B - Blood Operatives of the Barium Sunset (Abduction) new
      $16 solo guitar project of Alan Bishop of the Sun City Girls w/ some
      guest appearances by folks like Richard Bishop and Eyvind Kang.
      Charalambides - Our Bed is Green (Time Lag) new $32 2LP reissue
      of the earliest isolationist, repetitious, and at times, wrenchingly
      sweet, recordings by Tom and Christina Carter. #d edition of 800
      Sunburned Hand of the Man - Wedlock (Eclipse) new 2LP $25
      Samara Lubelski - In the Valley (Eclipse) new $14 her last record
      for De Stijl and Jajaguwar was one of my favorite records last year,
      a slow-burn Nick Drake/Caetano Veloso sweetheart. Excited to hear
      this brand new one!
      Shirley Collins - Power of the True Love Knot (Bo Weavil) new $28
      #d edition of 500 copies.
      Shirley Collins - False True Lovers (Bo Weavil) new $28 #d edition
      of 500 copies.
      The Fall - Live in London 1980 (Earmark) new $17 post-Grotesque,
      pre-Hex Enduction
      The Who - Magic Bus (Decca) VG+/M- $15 70s press. cut corner but
      The Who - Live at Swansea (K&S) VG+/VG+ $18 June 1976 performance
      The Who - Sell Out (Decca) G+/VG $8 70s press. cut corner. their
      The Who - s/t (Polydor, France) M-/M- $15 70s French press of
      their second record, A Quick One.
      Janis Joplin and the Full-Tilt Boogie Band - Get it While You Can (no
      label) VG+/VG+ $25 2LP live performance
      David Blue - s/t (Elektra) VG+/M- $25 nice gold-label original.
      Patti Smith - Gloria / My Generation (Arista, UK) M- $7 UK 12"
      Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks (Warner Bros) M-/M- $18
      brilliant original w/ "Also contains Sub-Mission" sticker on the rear
      The Beatles - The Beatles (Odeon, Peru) VG/VG $40 likely a second
      Peruvian (!) pressing of the White Album. This copy is numbered
      (#5779!) and embossed but lacks the inserts. The jacket is side-
      loading and has clear inner sleeves. (We suspect that first
      pressings were top-loading and had black inner sleeves.) The labels
      are the original black-and-blue Peruvian Odeon labels, used for only
      one year, 1968, for Beatles releases. A few light tape shadows on
      the front and rear panels. Seams are unglued. Records are bright
      and clean but for a scuff which sounds lightly only through "Mother
      Nature's Son." Yes, I know I'm a record nerd, but dude, this thing
      is cool! Even better, I found it here in Hampden!
      John Coltrane - Coltrane Jazz (Atlantic) M-/M- $10 later press
      Miles Davis - The Complete Birth of the Cool Sessions (Capitol) M-
      /M- $9
      Hank Williams - Hey Good Lookin: Dec 1950-July 1951 (Polydor)
      VG+/VG+ $8 part of Polydor's great series of mid-80s double LPs
      which presented all of Williams' studio recordings in chronological
      order, undubbed and in original mono. Essential, really. (There are
      small ink notations on the rear panels of these.)
      Hank Williams - Lost Highway: Dec 1948-March 1949 (Polydor)
      VG+/VG+ $8
      Hank Williams - Lovesick Blues: Aug 1947-Dec 1948 (Polydor)
      VG+/VG+ $8
      American Indian Ceremonial and War Dances (Everest) VG+/M- $7
      Folk Music of the United States: Anglo-American Songs and Ballads,
      Edited by Duncan B.M. Emerich (Library of Congress) M-/M- $20
      includes performances by Basom Lamar Lunsford, Henry King, Charles
      Ingenthron, the McMinnville Garment Factory Workers' Band and
      others. w/ inserts.
      Charles Ives - Calcium Light Night (Columbia) M-/M- $6 conducted
      by Gunther Schuller
      Charles Ives - Orchestral Works (Vanguard) M-/M- $6 includes the
      Unanswered Question, Set for Orchestra, the Circus Band March, and
      the Robert Browing Overture.
      Karlheinz Stockhausen - Telemusik / Mixtur (Deutsche Grammophon) M-
      /M- $20 the peak mid-60s electronic stuff.
      Javanese Court Gamelan, vol 3: Istana Mangkunegaran, Surakarta
      (Nonesuch) M-/M- $15 the most refined, placid, crystaline and even
      of the gamelan styles, the kind developed not only in Java, but at
      the courts of Surakarta (or Solo), PARTICULARLY the Mangkunegaran
      court, is well, just the best music there is, really. If I could be
      anywhere right now... Anyway, it's worth pointing out that the
      instruments at Mangkunegaran are also almost 50% bigger than those
      elsewhere in Indonesia, so the whole thing has a deeper sound.
      DJ Quik - Born and Raised in Compton / Sweet Black Pussy (Profile)
      VG+ $10
      Doug E Fresh and MC Ricky D - The Show / La-di-da-di (Reality) M-
      $10 amazing copy of a classic.
      Indeep - Last Night a DJ Saved my Life / DJ Delight (Sound of New
      York) VG+ $9
      Jive Rhythm Trax (Jive) VG+/VG+ $12 1982 LP of electro rhythm
      tracks for DJs.
      Jive Scratch Trax (Jive) VG+/VG+ $9 ditto but for scratching.
      includes a second copy in G+ condition.
      and, like, hundred and hundred of other LPs new in this week...

      AND ALL THESE 45s
      We just recieved 600 45s from the collection of a pop DJ who was
      active in through the 80s and the very early 90s. This guy could
      have been hired to spin at my junior high dances - everything from
      Depeche Mode nd REM to Ugly Kid Joe, Black Crowes, Terrence Trent
      D'Arby and Information Society, etc etc etc. And they're all fifty
      cents a piece. Go nuts.

      The Washington DC-based German immigrant Emile Berliner invented and
      patented the process of recording sound on to discs at time when
      Edison and his competitors were producing cylinders. By the mid-
      1890s Berliner was selling the machines for playing discs at a cost
      of $10, less than 10% of the cost of one of Edison's machines. The
      problem was that they sounded lousy and were a nuisance to operate
      (you had to crank the thing by hand the whole time and you could
      never get the speed to stay fixed. But they were relatively cheap
      and popular and eventually the format superceded the cylinder. The
      first commercial discs (excepting some toy-discs made earlier) were
      produced by Berliner in 1894. Over the next 15 years his E. Berliner
      Gramophone Company expanded to Canada, England (where along with the
      adoption of the company's listening-dog mascot Nipper, it became
      known as His Master's Voice or HMV), Germany (where it became
      Deutsche Grammophon) and the US where it was acquired by Samuel
      Johnson of Camden, New Jersey and became the basis for Victor Records
      (which was subsequently aquired by RCA which was subsequently aquired
      by BMG which merged in the past two years with Sony, creating the
      present situation in which only two major banners, Time-Warner-AOL
      and Sony-BMG, account for a disproportionately vast percentage of the
      sound recordings released in the United States. There are no readily
      available statistics but to say that 90% of the music released in
      this country is, at present, done so by a subsidiary of one of these
      two parent companies, seems to me to be reasonable. This accounts
      for the necessesity of our shop, where we stock virtually no new US
      releases through any of the major distribution channels. I think we
      all know where you can find those. But I digress.)

      Along with a sizable quantity of very nice 78s (list to follow next
      week), we aquired one of Berliner's original hardened-rubber, 7",
      aproximately-68rpm releases, which we offer for sale:
      Twin Star March, a Banjo Duet composed by Joe Cullen (and likely
      perfored by Cullen and frequent-collaborator Arthur Collins), release
      number 496X (the suffix indicates that this was the fourth master and
      therefore fouth seperate performance of this piece issued), recorded
      in Washington DC on December 24, 1897.
      The disc is moderately worn but plays fine with a 78 stylus and shows
      a needle-drop which seems not to affect play and a tiny rim chip
      which does not affect any grooves. The performance is florid and
      dexterous and is an exceedingly early example a banjo performances on
      disc format.
      price is $100

      like I see through the water that runs down my drain,
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