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Double Leopards/Skaters/Earthen Sea in DC at 611 Florida, Friday 8/5

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  • Scott Verrastro
    Friday, August 5 611 Florida Ave NW WDC $5 suggested donation www.claviusproductions.org 202-360-9739 for info 9pm BYOB! Double Leopards (NYC, Eclipse Rec.)
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2005
      Friday, August 5
      611 Florida Ave NW WDC
      $5 suggested donation
      202-360-9739 for info
      Double Leopards (NYC, Eclipse Rec.)
      The Skaters (CA vocal duo)
      Earthen Sea (Jacob Long of Black Eyes/White Flight doing solo violin/drone)
      Insect Factory (solo avant-guitar)
      Daniel Martin-McCormick (of Black Eyes, solo experimental guitar)
      Double Leopards
      "This digital version contains the exact same tracks as the double LP (now out of print) and is a mini-replica of the gatefold LP version. tempted to shove this in alongside such shadowy double albums as Wickham & Young's Lake, The Dead C's Harsh 70s Reality, Charalambides' Market Square, and Twenty-Six's This Skin Is Rust, but even those gave you a little breathing room now and then; Halve Maen smothers all light from the get-go as it burrows into the bowels of the earth below. Very tactile from the first needle-drop, the everyday objects at the old loft space move of their own volition, at the edges of the feverish eyes. Household items like chord organs, plastic toys, and wind chimes suddenly lurch to the fore during “The Fatal Affront”, before all the room's paraphernalia disintegrates into the more solemn and murky affair, “Druid Spectre”. The last side is given over to “The Secret Correspondence 1 & 2”, plopping us into the vertiginous tides of the Dead Sea, where the silty, unseen bottom is stirred up something fierce. Cymbals are struck but quickly sink below the briny waters. Tremors of ghostly orchestras are constantly conjured by the guitars, a mass grave of vindicative strings that howl and die only to be resurrected for the finale. The instruments and processed moans of the group commune with a far more surly and slurred spiritual world than previously glimpsed, heavily sedated and hovering with a menacing glint just at the threshold of sanity. As it all slips away at record's end, I'm left questioning the mental stability and half-life of this trip. What I believed to be firmly in my grasp slithered away, a disquieting residue left behind on my hands and in my eyes and ears. Overwhelming in its morose synesthesia and downright bleary at times, Halve Maen is like those little yellow pills I popped so long ago: Ingestion will definitely fuck you up." (Andy Beta)

      Upcoming at 611:
      8/19: Rake (reunion)/Jana Hunter/Mouth of Leaves/Meadows/Lights
      9/24: Free Folk Phantasmagory II w/ Paul Metzger/Forgotten Works (Erik Wivinus of Salamander)/Timothy, Revelator (Stone Breath)/Sunwards (ex-Rake) and more TBA
      10/14: Nautical Almanac/Life Partners/PSI

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