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Four True Vine shows in the next week.

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  • Ian Nagoski
    The True Vine 1123 W 36th St Baltimore MD 21211 410235-4500 TONIGHT! Thursday August 5, 9PM Two Lips Chiara Giovando and Robert Francisco (from Black Coitus
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      The True Vine
      1123 W 36th St Baltimore MD 21211

      TONIGHT! Thursday August 5, 9PM
      Two Lips
      Chiara Giovando and Robert Francisco (from Black Coitus Family)
      Phat Cutz (featuring special guest Max Eisenberg)
      total under the wire freakowt slicer.

      Friday August 6th, 9PM
      from Australia:
      Newton Armstrong, electronics
      Clayton Thomas, bass
      Ted Coffey, guitar/electronics
      Adam Simmons, saxophone
      ADAM SIMMONS plays numerous saxophones and flutes. He is slowly
      working out how to play the saxophone so it sounds like anything but.
      He performs across Australia and has toured the United States and
      Europe several times. Working in a range of styles, from thrash to
      funk to jazz and experimental improv, with such groups as the Adam
      Simmons Toy Band, Bucketrider, Oynsemble, En Rusk, the Australian Art
      Orchestra, The Engine Room and Bohjass, Adam is just trying to create
      sounds that inspire, amuse, delight and astonish.
      TED COFFEY makes several different kinds of music, usually combining
      human production of sound with electronics and computers. His main
      concern has been trying to tweak music's narrative gravity in ways
      that weren't yet tired. He has recently performed with the Brentano
      String Quartet, shakuhachi player Kojiro Umezaki and, at Lincoln
      Center Out-of-Doors, with the Lowtones. With the California electric
      guitar quintet Guitars of Wrath, he has performed premieres of music
      by Alvin Curran, Lois V. Vierk and Pauline Oliveros, and made lots of
      noise banging out the band's own pieces.
      NEWTON ARMSTRONG works with a variety of electronic instruments,
      though prefers to work with those electronic instruments that can be
      configured to behave with a high degree of autonomy. Among other
      projects, he's working towards a performance practice that would
      forever release laptops from the tyranny of the currently dominant
      laptop performance practice (which is possibly the first performance
      practice to exclude performance from the practice). He lives in
      scenic New Jersey, and has recently played at Festival of Exiles
      (Berlin), What is Music? (Melbourne) and the NOW now (Sydney).
      With the use of found objects and extended technique, CLAYTON THOMAS
      is striving to broaden the language available to this baggage laden
      instrument. In the last 3 years he has performed around the world
      with many of contemporary music's true masters, including Sonny
      Simmons, Alexander Von Schlippenbach, Tony Buck, Axel Doerner, Thomas
      Lehn, Makigami Koichi, Cooper-Moore, Jim Denley and many others. If
      there is a vision for his music, it is the collapse of barriers -
      between the laws of style and the communities that adhere to them.
      Also - opening for the night will be
      Audrey Chen, vocals
      Dan Breen, bowed metal
      Andy Hayleck, bowed metal
      Paul Neidhart, percussion
      Catherine Pancake, dry ice
      a goldang SUPERGROUP of Balto improvisors.

      Sunday August 8 9PM
      three damaged/damaging rock bands to muff up our poor little store
      that never did nothin to anybody.
      Bunnybrains 88 are dudes who used to be in Bunnybrains - a totally
      different band - and grabbed the name on their way out. The dude who
      runs Bunnybrains is totally freaked and pissed about it, and yours
      truly does not give a flying fucking shit about the whole business,
      even though I seem to be stuck in the middle of it for a minute.

      Monday August 9 9PM
      PETER B.
      SKELETONS is the work of Matt Mehlan; he writes, records, and
      performs skeletons' music with a rotating cast of musicians. Matt's
      ability to arrange innovative and taboo sounds (examples: rhodes
      piano, roland tr-808 drum machine, yamaha dx-7, computer) makes for
      both a gorgeous backdrop and sarcastic synthesis with the subject of
      the text. Example: the contrast between light-hearted synth solos and
      lines like "let's fight about/who wants to die more" gradually
      evaporates, leaving a delicate, darker shade of blue sound: the
      reality left after the cloud of optimism has cleared from the scene
      of the accident. This audio album is also a video album; Matt created
      a film to accompany performance of the music. The full DVD version
      exists for future release. "Life and the afterbirth" is Matt's second
      album following 2002's self released "everybody dance with your
      steering wheel". Next is "trepanation or I'm at the top of the
      world", a mini-LP recently recorded in NYC, to be released on
      Instrument inventor and new arrival to B-more PETER B. believes that
      analog brains and digital computers running programs of simulated
      chaos have something to say, that you listen to this and sing
      along... He made the odd tracks on his record Doves in a Cave by a
      process of automatic through-composition, following the ever-changing
      textures generated by a wandering computer program. The even tracks
      feature his own "man with th' red steam", an analog synthesizer
      assembled from odd and purposeless modules, over-patched into a
      chaotic limp. Besides the electronic instruments, Peter made the
      other instruments featured on this record, including the "chucky" (an
      extra-long, hollow bodied, acoustic string instrument) and the
      blowin' bear (touch/breath sensitive analog bird
      synthesizer). "doves" features what he calls "non tunings" and "non
      meters"- the rhythms move along step by step without repeating in
      metrical groups, and the pitch material is consistent without
      rationally describable intervals. One track from the record, the moon
      camera, was recently included on the Sonic Circuits 2003 sampler cd.
      Peter has been a member of The Gongs (which toured with Scottish pop
      musician Momus), Mister Kilogram (which recently toured the West
      Coast) and has released several other albums, including "at the lake"
      and "elyria lights". Currently he is building intuitively breakable
      electronic surfaces on grant from the Daniel Langlois Foundation.
      more info http://www.shinkoyo.com


      we've got no editorial policy here, and we like it that way.
      Yes to everything.
      Yes to life.
      Yes to those dudes tearing our sidewalk to rubble and keeping our
      cutomers away.
      Yes to breakfast beer.

      Monad - This! Is! The! New! European! The! Free! Jazz! (Dogpony) $10
      B-more's John Berndt and Tom Boram duo headscratcher concept blitz of
      electrosplat and saxomophono. Truly one of the weirdest records in
      the store. The second article in the title will give you an idea...

      Andy Hayleck - Gong/Wire (Earlids) $10
      45 minutes of approaches to bowing a wire attached to a gong. In the
      tradition of bowing metal for irrational resonances (Rutman,
      Young/Zazeela, Lainhart, etc.), this one's right up there, burning
      bright in the air around you. A big favorite of yours truly, for
      what that's worth...

      Nautical Almanac - Handcut Record Transfers (HereSee) $10
      purple tour CD in yellow case compiling seven hand-lathed record
      projects. the edge of the disc itself is lathed, so you can take it
      out of your CD player, flip it over and slap it on your turntable and
      tear out your hair trying to make the sound which comes out resemble
      music. hilariously aggrevating and such a great idea that. upon
      seeing it, one guy in a record store in Cali screamed, "I feel like
      I've gotta call MTV and Bjork RIGHT NOW!" true story.

      DJ Technics - Movin Asses 5 (Baltimore Club Tracks) $10
      amazing mix CD of Baltimore's over-the-top ebullient Club tunes
      including many hot new faves like Bang That Back Out, Suck My Balls,
      Fiddle (that great new one with the three-note melody and the girl
      singing... so amazing...), and Gunshot (Tote It), the rhythm track of
      which is a rifle being cocked and fired. Shit! w/ stripper cover.

      DJ Technics - Terminator (Baltimore Club Tracks) $10
      another one! this one's a total hot-shit showoff of Technic's
      slickest DJing. Only a few of the tracks are real killers (Putcha
      Leg Up and I'm Rich Bitch get stuck in my head all the time), but the
      flow is so perfect and the vibe is so amped that it's become one of
      my favorites. great picture of the Cali Gov on the cover, too

      DJ Cornbread - #29 (nolabel) $10 each
      mix vols 30 and 31 of the rawest, hardest, stonedest Baltimore Club
      DJ we've heard are sold out, but you can grab this one while it's
      still lying around and fill in your collection with nuts beat-slabs
      and jingles about weed and pussy.

      The Lockhorns - Pay No Attention To the Man Behind The Hurtin'
      (self) $10
      Baltimore's own Porter and Dolly... songs of dysfunction, anxiety,
      and the DTs. Includes "Let's Make this First Kiss Our Last," "Datin'
      the Great Satan," "The Aqua-Velva Song" (anyone with stories of
      drinking Aqua Velva are encouraged to contact me immeadiately), and
      of course, "They're Playing Our Dirge."

      Francoise Hardy - La Question (Virgin) $14 1971 release

      Francoise Hardy - Comment te Dire Adieu (Virgin) 1968 release $14

      Peter King - Shango (Afrostrut) $8

      Segun Bucknor - Poor Man No Get Brother: Assembly and Revolution
      1969-1975 $14

      Roy Harper - Folkjokeopus (Science Friction) $21

      Soft Machine - Third (Sony) $14

      Gil Gilberto - 2222 (Emarcy) $10 1972 release w/ 3 bonus cuts

      Marcos Valle - Mustang cor de Sangue (EMI) $17

      Marcos Valle - Previsao de Tempo (EMI) $17

      Bobby Beausoliel - Lucifer Rising (Arcanum) $27
      delux 2CD set compiling his recordings for the soundtrack for the
      Kenneth Anger film

      RFDA - vols 7, 12, & 17 (rfda) $6
      quick-and-dirty mixcomps of Houston fired down syrup stuff a la DJ

      and so much more.
      but now I gotta so sweep the floor for the thousandth time in the
      past week.

      byo sidewalk,
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