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Kohoutek/Luger/Caves Caverns/PJB in DC, Saturday 3/12

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  • Scott Verrastro
    Yeah, I know The Ex is playing at the Black Cat. Sucks for us. Why don t you surprise me and come to the cheaper show? I promise The Ex won t have strobe
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2011
      Yeah, I know The Ex is playing at the Black Cat. Sucks for us. Why don't you surprise me and come to the cheaper show? I promise The Ex won't have strobe lights and they certainly won't be space truckin'. And we won't yell angry political diatribes at you in Dutch accents. We'll do it in rambling stoner-speak instead. Fuck it, go see The Ex. They rule. Then come see us because we'll be a few blocks away and we won't start til af...ter midnight. That is, if you want to miss Madrid's awesome Luger.

      Saturday, March 12
      Velvet Lounge
      915 U St. NW WDC
      $8, doors at 9pm, 21+

      Kohoutek (nu-psych from beyond)
      Luger (Krauty space rock from Madrid)
      Caves Caverns (Richmond's best-kept secret)
      PJB (aka Psychedelic Jam Band, oh yeah)

      http://www.claviusproductions. org/
      "If I was still young and devious (not that I ever was devious, of course…) I’d be tempted to slap a United Artists label on this one, scuff up the sleeve and palm it off as a lost classic from 1971. Filed alongside a host of highly collectable Can, Man, Hawkwind and Amon Duul II LPs nobody would ever be the wiser. And that, to my mind, is no bad thing." (Phil McMullen, Ptolemaic Terrascope)

      Lüger is setting the Spanish scene on fire. With less than 2 years under their belt and one record that came out last April they've had enough time to play all over Spain and be one of the highlights at Primavera Club 2010. They've also played in festivals such as Space is the Place (with OM and Acid Mothers Temple) or Monkey Week (Faust, Sonic Boom, Cave, Quintron, etc.).

      Ruta 66, the most influential rock magazine in Spain just crowned them best album of 2010 on their January edition and their new album should be out before winter is over. Their eponimous LP is sold out and have just been invited to play SXSW 2011.

      Backed by a pounding double-headed rhythm section, the mix includes organ, synth, guitar and throbbing bass lines Lemmy would kill for. Lüger's sound is heavily influenced by classic acts such as Hawkwind, Faust or Neu! so the music is provided with surpassing krautrock elements, however they sound less vintage, rather modern, comparable with the likes of Turzi, Holy Fuck or Wooden Shjips in a wider sense, drawing rave reviews in web forums all over the world.

      Caves Caverns

      http://www.myspace.com/cavesca verns
      http://breathingcave.blogspot. com/
      ”...they channeled some serious Hawkwind-Acid Mothers-F/i vibes and shoe-horned a lot of sonics into a short set…Apparently the guitar player for Caves Caverns plays the keys for locals Resin Pyramid who put on another stellar opening set at the Moon Duo gig. Really interesting stuff …well worth checking out in town if you need to get your feet off the ground.” (Mr. Atavist)

      The free-form, instrumental heavy psychedelia that this Richmond band plays on their latest release, a four-song, forty-minute cassette, has many worthy antecedents. Most prominent are Ash Ra Tempel’s epic Krautrock space jams and Hawkwind’s acid-soaked biker rock. These trippy jams will pry open your third eye. (Andrew Necci, RVA Magazine)

      ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++

      Upcoming Clavius and Clavius-related events:

      Friday 3/18 @ Velvet Lounge: Dark Sea Dream (Prophase Records), 28 Degrees Taurus (Boston shoegaze/psych), Night and the City (ex-Girl Loves Distortion/Antiques), Phonic Riot
      $8, doors at 9pm, 21+

      Thursday 3/24 @ Velvet Lounge: Foul Swoops, Ice Cream, Teen Mom
      $7, doors at 8:30pm, 21+

      Tuesday 4/5 @ Velvet Lounge: The Extraordinaires (Philly psych-pop), two locals tbd
      $8, doors at 8:30pm, 21+

      Saturday 4/23 @ Old Fairfax Town Hall: Avant-Fairfax IV w/ Michael Chapman (legendary UK singer/songwriter/guitarist), Amps For Christ, The Black Twigs (neo-bluegrass from SW Virginia, mem. of Pelt, VHF), Kohoutek, 500mg (Michael Gibbons of Bardo Pond), Caves Caverns, Human Adult Band, Drums Like Machine Guns, FUN, Heavy Medical, Nathan Bowles & Scott Verrastro Percussion Duo
      doors at 5pm, all ages

      Friday 5/6 @ Velvet Lounge: Ghost Box Orchestra (psych-folk from Boston), Phonic Riot, The Last Tide
      $8, doors at 9pm, 21+

      Sunday 5/8 @ Velvet Lounge: Trio StarLicker (mem. of Tortoise/Chicago Underground Duo)
      $10, doors at 8:30, 21+

      Sunday 6/5 @ TBA: Sediment Club (no wave kids from NYC)

      Friday 6/17 @ TBA: Bobb Trimble (Massachusetts folk-psych singer-songwriter, Secretly Canadian), Kuschty Rye Ergot (mem. of Kohoutek)

      Friday 9/16 @ Velvet Lounge: Iain Matthews (rare DC appearance the heralded singer-songwriter from Fairport Convention/Southern Comfort/Plainsong!)
      $15, doors at 8pm, 21+

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