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Red Room Thursday: World-famous violinist Jon Rose + Snacks with Ric Royer!

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    Don t miss this amazing Red Room show Thursday night: Thursday, March 11th, 8:30 $6 World Famous Violist Jon Rose + Snacks w/ Ric Royer The Red Room presents a
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      Don't miss this amazing Red Room show Thursday night:

      Thursday, March 11th, 8:30 $6

      World Famous Violist Jon Rose

      + Snacks w/ Ric Royer

      The Red Room presents a night to remember for the rest of days with Jon Rose, the amazing violin polymath from Australia, who technical abilities, improvisation, and weirdo cybernetic strategies of violin manipulation are beyond reproach. Rose is wild, funny, thought provoking, and a virtuoso that everyone should see as much as possible in this lifetime. Rose last played in Baltimore in 2000 or so, so this is a treat to have the maestro back in the house. He is touring with his friend and technologist, Barry Threw. Full spiel below.

      Opening up, a new collaboration of Snacks (Tom Boram and Dan Breen) with Rich Royer, bringing together three of Baltimore's neatest, soggiest, sharpest minds in a whirlwind of game-show tropisms and electro-dynamic rectitude! (If you are familiar, make up a sentence that Salvador Dali would have used in one of his autobiographies and say it to yourself in your head, and you'll probably be hitting the nail on the head, so to speak). Snacks rule--Baltimore's super jumper-cooked-eyeball-mongers, and Ric Royer, well, he is Baltimore's Beckett's Eddie Munster played by Crispen Glover's ghost. See it all NOW!

      P a l i m p o l i n

      From the Hyperstring project 4.

      Jon Rose � solo tenor violin and interactive K-Bow.

      Since 1987 Jon Rose has pioneered the exploration of interactive electronics through a series of violin bow powered MIDI compositions.



      In 1998, he became the first violinist to manipulate iconic violin images and live video at the end of his bow.


      Now utilizing the latest in violin bow technology, surround sound, and media, he puts his virtuosic violin technique to the test in a new series of challenging interactive environments.

      (This new piece is available also as pure audio without video.)

      Information on previous manifestations of the Hyperstring Project can be found at.



      "Few experimental composers or improvisers divide opinion as sharply as Jon Rose. He is maybe an erratic talent but when he hits the mark he takes you to places other composers wouldn't dream of. PERKS is arguably his finest multimedia piece to date... an inner world as freakishly hilarious as it is disturbing... a work of extraordinary imagination and originality." The Wire

      "He experiments with technology that acknowledges and extends his hard-won instrumental techniques rather than ignoring or negating them. Many of the tracks on Hyperstring come across as an urgent report from the frontline, from Rose's personal battlefield with the instrument several tracks feature the sinister rattles of his whipolin, a seven string 'disembowelled cello'. Rose doesn't fit into any categories but all his albums create a violin-shaped world that is all his own, shot through with wild humour." The Guardian

      "Jon Rose is the Thomas Alva Edison of the vibrating string. Just as the American inventor occupied himself with an assortment of inventions from the light bulb to the phonograph, so the British-born, Australian-affiliated violinist is concerned with the sonic possibilities of bowing, scraping, hitting, plucking or otherwise exciting these thin strands of wire or gut. In short, this CD is fascinating, revolting, interesting, upsetting and mesmerizing at the same time. It's analogous to what would happen if vaulted, future 500-channel television universe was made up of that many experimental musical conduits and the remote control was in the hands of a hyperactive male. Imagine split second clicks among a symphony rehearsal, a techno discotheque, a folk music concert, an arena ProgRock extravaganza, a viola concerto, a technical demonstration of sonics, an elongated rehearsal, short wave communication with extraterrestrials, an instructional audio tape and feeding time at the zoo, and you may get some idea of what you can hear here. Then imagine it happening all at the same time. Not for the faint hearted... " Jazzword

      The Red Room
      at Normals Books and Records
      425 E. 31st Street Baltimore
      Doors open at 8:30


      The Red Room: expanding the definition of expanding the definition.

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