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Debate/The Convocation tonight, Sunburned/Kohoutek on Friday, Nadja on Sunday

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  • Scott Verrastro
    Clavius Productions presents: Tuesday, March 4 Velvet Lounge 915 U St NW WDC http://www.velvetloungedc.com 202-462-3213 $7, doors at 9pm, 18+ Debate (from
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2008
      Clavius Productions presents:

      Tuesday, March 4
      Velvet Lounge
      915 U St NW WDC
      $7, doors at 9pm, 18+

      Debate (from Brazil, experimental post-punk a la Shellac, just recorded with Albini)
      The Convocation (GSL/Tiger Style, ex-Moss Icon/Born Against/UOA/Great Unraveling)
      Double Dutch (DC)

      from the Washington City Paper:

      D.C. postrock bands like the Sorts and their peers drank deeply from the well of Brazilian Tropicália music, so you can’t fault Debate for borrowing back some of the District’s postpunk grit. São Paulo’s Debate scoops up some of Jawbox’s angularity and a little bit of Faraquet’s math and crossbreeds it with epic, Rush-inspired arena riffs and an affection for the Ex’s screeching improvisations. But Debate wisely refrains from lodging its music too firmly in the summer of ’93. On its most recent recordings, the group bravely dabbles in electronics—throwing crackling synthesizers and dub delays into an already cacophonous mix. (Aaron Leitko)



      Thursday, March 6
      Velvet Lounge
      915 U St NW WDC
      $7, doors at 9pm, 21+

      Screen Vinyl Image (ex-Alcian Blue, DC nu-goth-crunk)
      Julie Ocean (ex-Velocity Girl/Tree Fort Angst/Swiz) 


      Friday, March 7
      The Lighthouse
      1421 Buchanan St NW WDC
      9pm, $5 suggested donation
      202-360-9739 for info

      Sunburned Hand of the Man (Ecstatic Peace/Eclipse)
      Kohoutek (DC improv psych, Music Fellowship/Sockets)
      Bill Nace (solo electric guitar from MA, mem. of Vampire Belt/Northampton Wools)
      Chris Grier (solo electric guitar from DC, mem. of To Live and Shave in L.A./Thee Ultimate VAG/Sean McArdle Band/Scarcity of Tanks)
      Lexie Mountain (Baltimore's finest chanteuse)

      *If you're not in the mood for tweaky psych, go to the Velvet Lounge to check out: The Hall Monitors, The Shalitas (NYC garage-pop), The Right Ons (garage-rock from Spain)    $8, doors at 9:30pm, 21+


      Saturday, March 8
      Velvet Lounge
      915 U St NW WDC
      $8, doors at 9pm, 21+

      Len Bias (DC)
      Appomattox (NYC mathy post-punk in the vein of Unwound/Chavez)
      Mussels  (NYC)


      Sunday, March 9
      Velvet Lounge
      915 U St NW WDC
      $8, doors at 9pm, 21+

      Nadja (epic drone/doom from Toronto)
      Field Shaman (DC guitar/cello duo)
      Pacific Before Tiger & Andrew Marino (minimal drone duo from NC)
      Ami Dang (solo sitar from Baltimore)   

      Nadja is a duo of Aidan Baker (guitars/vocals/piano/woodwinds/drums) & Leah Buckareff (bass/vocals) currently based in Toronto, Canada. Nadja originally began in 2003 as a solo project for Baker to explore the heavier/noisier side of his experimental/ambient guitar-based music. In 2005 Buckareff joined in order to make the project more than just a studio endeavor & allow Nadja to perform live.

      Nadja creates music that has been variously described as drone, ambient doom, and shoegazer-metal. The duo combines soundscapes, electronics, & atmospheric vocals with snail-crawl, epic riffs & dirge-like percussion, tempering the cacophany with a certain ethereal melodicism such that the listener is enveloped in a sublimating wall of amorphous sound.

      After several limited edition CDR releases, Nadja released their first official album Truth Becomes Death on Montreal's Alien8 Recordings in 2005. They have since released material on Conspiracy Records, Profound Lore Records, Archive Records, & The End Records. They perform regularly in Toronto and Montreal, and have toured Europe and USA, sharing the stage with such artists as Kayo Dot, Knurl, Khanate, Francisco Lopez, Isis, Ocean and Bloody Panda.


      "The band’s latest long-player, Radiance of Shadows, finds the duo scaling Lovcraftian peaks of oversized terror in pursuit of an unfathomable union of beauty and barbarousness. Commanding, encompassing and occasionally savage, the album employs all of the band’s hallmarks: sinewy strands of guitar layered beyond individual recognition, errant yet powerful percussion and an unconstrained but no less purposeful sense of buildup." (Casey Rae-Hunter, Dusted Magazine)

      "When Toronto electro-metal duo Nadja are at the height of their powers, the entire world feels as if it could collapse beneath the pressure of a manipulated guitar, a drum machine, a bass, and two bent voices. Radiance of Shadows...pushes to and pulls from such apocalyptic promise for 80 minutes, saturating their cathedral volume with sounds both thick and rich." (Grayson Currin, Pitchfork Media)

      "Nadja have all the style, velocity and impact of a Stealth bomber. To label their work simply as drone, however, would be to do it a disservice, as the music is more multi-layered and complex, with slabs of guitar, bass and drum machine rising up and then falling back without warning into an abyss of strummed chords and hovering Ambience. Elsewhere Nadja's sound resembles that of a full symphony orchestra, a maelstrom of different tunings blended into a single thrust...Nadja [is] one of the most exciting groups to emerge in recent years, and Radiance of Shadows is one of their finest achievements." (Edwin Pouncey, The Wire)


      Tuesday 3/11: Ghastly City Sleep, Pygmy Lush, Tideland (all of these bands are ex-Pg. 99 and probably City of Caterpillar)   $7, doors at 9pm, 18+!

      Wednesday 3/12: Big Noose's birthday bash w/ Dark Sea Dream (VA psych, ex-VOG), Pastures (mem. of The New Flesh/Vincent Black Shadow, ex-VOG/Piasa), and more!    $5, doors at 9pm

      Friday 3/14: The Hounds of Hasselvander w/ very special "ghoul" (ex-Pentagram/Raven/Blue Cheer/Spirit Caravan -- a real doom supergroup), Revelation (original MD doom!), Ol' Scratch
      $10, doors at 9:30pm, 18+!

      Friday 3/21: The Lookies (ex-Velvet Monkeys/Gumball), The Rambling Shadows, 7 Door Sedan    $8, doors at 9:30pm

      Saturday 3/22: Spontaneous Infinity pre-festival show w/ Steve Lehman (avant-garde saxophonist from NYC), DCIC   $10, doors at 9pm, 18+!

      Sunday 3/23: Admiral Browning, Scale the Summit (Houston prog-metal), Periphery   $7, doors at 9pm

      Monday 3/24: Make a Rising (Philly art-rock/indie-prog), Gestures
      $7, doors at 9pm

      Tuesday 3/25: The World That Summer, Xeper    $7, doors at 9pm

      Thursday 3/27: Suns of Guns, Vincent Black Shadow, Rise of Man
      $7, doors at 9pm

      Friday 3/28: Spontaneous Infinity w/ Elliott Sharp (legendary experimental guitarist, SST Records), Blaise Siwula/David Wilson/Toshi Makihara (sax/sax/percussion), Jaimie Branch/March Riordan (trumpet/percussion duo from Chicago), Thus (sax/inventions duo from Baltimore), Nate Scheible & Matt Wascovich (Cleveland, drums/guitar)    $15, doors at 8pm, 18+!

      Saturday 3/29: Spontaneous Infinity w/ Marshall Allen (of Sun Ra Arkestra) & Elliott Levin, Uri Caine (experimental keyboardist from NYC), Sabir Mateen & Michiko Duo (sax/voice, mem. of TEST/No Neck Blues Band), Matthias Muller & Christian Marien (trombone/percussion duo from Germany), PRV Trio (DC guitar/percussion trio, mem. of Kohoutek/Ultimate VAG/Janel & Anthony/The Bang)    $15, doors at 8pm, 18+!

      Sunday 3/30: Kuschty Rye Ergot (ex-Redeemers/Promise Breakers, mem. of Kohoutek), Dame Satan (folk-psych from SF)   $7, doors at 9pm

      Wednesday 4/2: Twin Earth, Women, Plums   $7, doors at 9pm

      Friday 4/4: Apes (Gypsy Eyes/Birdman), Health (LA noise-rock)    $8, doors at 9:30pm

      Sunday 4/6: Eat Forever, Snack Truck (mem. of Ultra Dolphin)   $7, doors at 9pm

      Thursday 4/10: Nick Schillace (Detroit acoustic fingerpicker), Eric Carbonara (Locust, Philly solo flamenco guitar)   $8, doors at 9pm

      Friday 4/11: Turbojugend (Turbonegro tribute society) party w/ The Shirks (featuring Al Bud!), The Cheats   

      Sunday 4/13: Three Faces of Eve/Battlemaster/Jefferson Plane Crash/Monarch 
      $7, doors at 9pm, 18+!

      Tuesday 4/15: Public Record (from Philly, High Two Records, ex-Ropers/Saturday People), The Mantras   $7, doors at 9pm

      Wednesday 4/16: Carla Bozulich's Evangelista (Constellation Records, ex-Geraldine Fibbers), Tom Greenwood & Joanne Robertson (mem. of Jackie-O Motherfucker), Vampire Hands (Minneapolis psych-rock on Freedom-From)
      $10, doors at 9pm, 18+!

      Thursday 4/17: The Holy Attack, Trouble vs Glue (synth-punk from Italy)
      $7, doors at 9pm

      Friday 4/18: 9353, Unorthodox    $10, doors at 9:30pm

      Saturday 4/19: Gary Higgins (Drag City, legendary folk-psych from CT)/Brandon Butler   $10, doors at 9:30pm

      Wednesday 4/23: Nudity (heavy psych from Olympia, ex-Tight Bros From Way Back When)    $7, doors at 9pm

      Thursday 4/24: Dora Bleu (folk-psych from Montreal, ex-Laconic Chamber/From Quagmire, mem. of Shalabi Effect)   $7, doors at 9pm

      Thursday 5/1: Pinche Gringo (one-man garage band from Mexico)

      Saturday 5/3: Iron Man (original MD doom!), Revelation, Pale Divine 
      $8, doors at 9:30pm

      Sunday 5/4: Sudden Infant (experimental noise from Germany), Violet, Twilight Memories of the Three Suns, Caustic Castle    $8, doors at 9pm

      Thursday 5/8: Portable Noise Kremator (experimental noise from Belgium), All Violet   

      Sunday 5/11: Gildon Works (mem. of Relay, shoegaze/psych rock from Philly)

      Wednesday 5/14: The Midgetmen (trash-punk from Austin)

      Thursday 5/15: Mouthbreather

      Friday 5/16: Deceased (Relapse, VA thrash/death metal), Sacrificial Blood, Vermefug    $10, doors at 9pm, 18+

      Tuesday 5/20: The Mutators, Modern Creatures (noise-rock from Vancouver)

      Thursday 5/22: Adam Caine-Nick Lyons Duo (sax/guitar improv duo), Circus of Saints

      Thursday 5/29: Lo-Pan (stoner rock from Columbus)

      Friday 5/30: Fern Knight (CD release show on VHF), Alexander Turnquist (VHF)

      Friday 6/6: Dysrhythmia (Relapse)

      Thursday 6/26: Sharron Kraus (amazing folk singer from the UK)/United Bible Studies (improv folk-psych from Ireland)

      Tuesday 7/15: Vialka (prog/psych/punk from France)

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