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  • joel schonbrunn
    Aug 31, 2008
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      Hi Folks,
      Just a quickie update.
      We did the picking, and the pressing, and our roughly 10 gallons of juice is now merrily bubbling away in our beloved 15 gallon demi-john fermenter.
      It might have been related to the poor state of the tree that we were picking from, but I would probably only choose to repeat process once a year at best.
      It took about 6 hours by 3-4 people working pretty non-stop to core and process the apples before they were ready for the pressing.  The pressing itself, while a bit of a physical work, was actually the easiest part of the whole system.  Getting the apples "processed" was by far the most labor intensive part of the process.  I suspect with orchards that are better tended, the apples require less work at that stage, or they are just less picky about what gets into the pomace.
      I am glad to have done it at least once, but unless this batch turns out incredibly better than any other I have made, I am likely to continue as I have in the past with "good" store bought commercially processed juice, as it is just so much easier...
      Our initial specific gravity came out to 1.050 on the nose, and the pH is around 3.4, which is just about perfect for what we were shooting for.
      With any luck, I will have something interesting for the October Crown and GWW's contests...
      Joel the Brewer

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